Introduction: Reinforcing Your M4 Pistol Grip

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tired of those loose threads on your m4 pistol grip?

try this DIY!

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just follow pictures

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jtruesdell8 (author)2013-06-13

Though stripped threads do happen quite often, I wouldn't recommend doing this. Using nuts to secure the motor plate can throw motor alignment off, not just the height, but the horizontal alignment. This can wear down your gears. You're probably better off just buying a new motor grip; one with metal fittings for the motor plate. They aren't very expensive, and they come in a lot of cool styles.

maomag (author)jtruesdell82013-09-27

so far been doing this reinforcing thing to all my m4's pistol grips, even most of my teammates and haven't had issues on misalignment nor height adjustment,. the one that your talking about, the metal fittings will dislodge in time and for sure you will end up buying a new one.

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