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Introduction: Relax Prototype

We’ve created a playful outdoor stage on Market Street just for you and your friends. Too small to be a park, too large to be a piece of furniture, 'Relax' is a playful merger of both. Experience all the sights, sounds, and smells the neighborhood has to offer - from a different perspective. This place is primed and ready to be activated by the people, sun, and fog that will encounter it.

Step 1: Materials

12 2x4s

1 sheet of 3/4" Plywood

9 sheets of 1/4" Plywood

96 sq ft of Sod

3 1/2" x 12' Threaded Rods

36 1/2" Bolts

Screws as needed

Step 2: Design

Design should be messy! Sketch, make models, make mock-ups! Test and be open to the happy accident. Use digital tools as necessary when precision is required. We made use of CAD software and digital fabrication to test different curves on the runners.

Step 3: Fabrication

A - Connect two 2x4's to a gusset plate cut from 3/4" ply with a curved bottom

B - Thread 2x4 assembly onto 2 12' long rods

C - Repeat process for 6 runners and space them out at 2' increments

D - Lay three layers of 1/4" ply over runners

E - Spread sod on the top

F - Enjoy!

Step 4: Interaction

There's no right or wrong way to use 'Relax'. People ran and jumped on it, did yoga, played guitar, ate lunch, took naps, read books, had meetings, and even partied on it. We just recommend putting it in a sunny spot and enjoy.



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    this is a great idea for cities, but it could be improved if you added a two inch layer good potting soil and 3-4 dozen worms. The worms not only fertilize the grass, but when people sit on the grass they are going to pack the soil so tight it won't absorb as much water and roots won't grow or expand.

    Won't the sod just die without dirt to hold water and supply nutrients

    1 reply

    I agree, I think it would be good to have some material underneath that
    serves as a substrate to hold water. Maybe an old blanket cut to size?
    Nutrients can be added to water and poured on. The grass will last
    longer this way.

    If these were placed around a city like benches it could be a great way to meet new people and take a break!

    Great idea. The ends of the 2 x4's don't look user friendly though...?

    Excellent thar the dogs will not pee on the grass...

    A way to get non-homeless people to sit on grass. Interesting...

    Wow how cool and creative!!! And is a great idea. Cause u do get tired of walking once in a wile and that's a lot more fun then a bench!! Thanks!! :D