Me and my friends are always throwing parties. This one is themed "Release the Kraken" for my husbands 30th.  For his favorite alcohol Kraken black spiced rum. I tried to keep a black, white and creams like on the bottle's label.

Here are the pictures and how I went about doing the set up. It really was budget friendly!

By the way....
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Step 1: Project Assignment

With the help of my good friends we put this together.

Here we have:
Message-in- a-bottle punch (white cranberry juice, blue berry koolaid, sprite and sugar)
Rum cake
Kraken chocolates (uses special silcone mold filled with chocolate melts and then dusted with edible pearl powder)
Kraken lamp (drill a hole in the bottom and put in mini christmas lights)
<p>Release the Kraken! Or... it could be Slenderman.... Or Nergal Junior.... Or.. I don't even know.</p>
Wonderful ! Where did you get the silicone moulds for the chocolates ? Xxxx
yar it be epic matey
Oh yum, I love Kraken rum. Any party thrown around rum can't be bad :D
Ahh my brothers is 18 now and a week ago he had Rum then my dad decides to tell him after his hang over that our family and rum don't mix =( i can never be a pirate ='''''(
Lol this is great!

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