So I bought a el cheapo firepit from the store, and it very quickly rusted and disintegrated.

I decided to save the base... because it was the only thing that stood up to the elements of that POS firepit.  

Well, today that base found it's new calling!  I took the legs off my old weber charcoal grill, and put it in the base of the old firepit and BAM!  a reliable firepit that wont rust away -- because Webers last forever!

The height is perfect for sitting around it with you buddies in the patio chairs and cooking MEAT!

Possible future upgrades.... integrated cupholders or figure out a way to make a table ring around it to set stuff on while your grilling.  maybe to hold skewers or something in front of you.


this looks like a great idea, but are you using it as a bbq, a fire pit or both?
Thanks. So far, just a grill with charcoal, but my intention will be to use wood as well. It's summer here in VA so we stay pretty warm as is at the moment. <br><br>The idea came along because I wanted to have friends over for grilling, but wanted to turn the actual grilling part into a more social thing. It worked; we had a good time.

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