While playing call of duty on xbox live, I noticed some people dodging my bullets at close range by crouching and going prone WHILE firing and keeping their aim on me.

If you're familiar with the controls for call of duty, this would mean their right thumb was holding down the B button AND moving the right thumb stick while firing.

I'm sure there's some kind of finger yoga you can do to accomplish this, but that's hard and probably leads to arthritis. :)

It'd be MUCH better if there was an additional button on the back of the controller where your middle or ring fingers hang out doing nothing to improve your game while the rest of your fingers are hard at work.

This instructable is generic, and is also good for Battlefield players who want to press BACK to spot without moving your fingers.

NOTE: You WILL need to solder for this mod!

Step 1: Open Your Controller

The first step is going to be to open your controller.

To do this the right way, you'll need a torx t-8 security screwdriver. Or you can jam a micro flat head in on the side of the security nub and unscrew it until the security nub breaks off (like all of mine did) and then use a regular T-8 torx screwdriver.

Make sure you get the one in the middle under the battery pack and behind the sticker.
Well hello there!!! I was just thinking about this not five minutes ago!!!!! Woo... guess i should get to doing this this weekend. I should have a small monetary switch around here somewhere.
edit: main reason... i hate runnung around and having folks jump in front of me and trying to yoga my fingers around to miss their bullets and shoot or stb back.
Er... you know there is a controller config you can choose from the game that lets you use the right stick to crouch and go prone WITHOUT needing an extra button
Er...then how do you knife
I just completed this mod on my own. See pictures... (IDK why it didn't show up when I searched Instructables! Found it today on page 10 of &quot;xbox 360 controller&quot;)<br> <br> ABXY... AB on RHS, XY on LHS. (Opposite in the picture, obviously.) Buttons were salvaged from a printer, so I had to mount them the ugly way. Big pain. (Drill + File + Super Glue + Accellerant)<br> <br> If you want your buttons on the left half of the case (when holding it), you need to get the wires to the bottom and thread them where the plastic isn't tight. I tried to find another way and had to grind the plastic below the RT because the case wasn't fully closed and caused the trigger to stay depressed. (The hole below the B button in Step 5's picture is a good place to get them to the bottom of the case. I only put the wires to AB through there.)<br> <br> [Additional notes: The plastic part that holds the back of the battery pack in was broken before starting the mod. (This is why it was the mod candidate.) I fixed it with superglue, toothpicks, and a strip of underwear elastic. :-) The toothpicks broke after a week. I replaced with a custom-cut piece of plastic today, super glued on.]
Looks cool! I've been thinking about doing this (it's the next logical step!), but I can't find your instructable. <br> <br>Do you have instructions on how your did yours? <br> <br>Did you find a better way to solder to the circuit board? <br> <br>Thanks!
Thanks! Yes, it is. Sorry, no instructable... It was just a salvage proto. I wanted to simply add to your awesome guide. <br> <br>I did the soldering like yours, but with a sharper blade. Consider wire path and length carefully. I didn't and I ended up carving a path through the plastic. (Can you see the missing screws?
Well, it still looks good! How are those MO buttons working for you? I don't really like the way those usually feel (small pressure point, somewhat heavy press, but crisp click), but all the larger more comfortable buttons take up too much room! <br> <br>I'd like to be able to do it without removing the rumble motors but haven't figured the right way yet.
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the hack it contest! Good luck to you!
How about you don't cheat (which is what this is) in a game and just play. It's a game, it's supposed to be FUN, not something that you feel necessitates giving you an advantage over other, stock, players.
Don't cheat? Lol!
For MW3, as Chad Baxter noted below, you don't need the extra button to aim and go prone. You just change the default settings. Is that cheating? <br> <br>For games like BF3, you're supposed to spot, it's supposed to be a big part of the game, but most people don't. It's probably because DICE used up all the xbox buttons, and had to use the BACK button for spotting, forcing you to break your regular grip on the controller to press it. Is it cheating to move the back button so you can spot more easily? <br> <br>I knew a guy who had 6 fingers on both hands. He had total control over the extra fingers too. Is he cheating when he plays online? <br> <br>I sure am glad you brought this up. It's bringing up lots of interesting points...
Figured I'd post this here: <br>My fiance's father is actually missing his thumb on his left hand, making some things rather hard to do on an un-modded controller. One such being using the left triggers and C/D pad (depending on game system). <br>So...going off that, the only way he can really have fun on an online game is to use a modded controller of some kind. Granted, it usually something crazy simple, but still: a mod is needed. <br> <br>Anyways, I'm going to start ranting here. Great instructable here! I will have to use it at some point!
You can still use the original B button, right?
Yup. The original button still works.
uh not to offend but if you press star mid multiplayer match in MW3 and scroll down to options then button layout and you choose tactical your knife and crouch button will switch. tada physically possible and no need to void warranties
You are quite right, sir! I just tested this out myself, and the tactical setting does, indeed, swap RS and B. This is a good tip for MW3, but obviously doesn't work for other buttons or games. <br> <br>So set it to tactical, then connect your extra button to the &quot;A&quot; button so you can jump around corners or over ledges, and aim while falling and go prone when you land, firing all the way. Or set it to &quot;Y&quot; and double tap it to reload cancel if someone rounds a corner while you are reloading. There are plenty of options other than crouching and firing. <br> <br>The point of this mod is to make use of your middle and ring fingers to push buttons without moving your thumbs, but if you're worried about voiding warranties, this mod is not for you!
thank you i hate this security screws lol
how about a link to wear one can get all this stupid screw security drivers
Added link to Amazon

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