Relove an Old, Ugly Dress: Before and After (w/ Bonus Infinity Scarf)

Picture of Relove an Old, Ugly Dress: Before and After (w/ Bonus Infinity Scarf)

If you like more sewing projects be on the lookout. I may be new to sewing but that just means I have a lot of projects to post. "I Smell Good" Mr. Bunny is already posted.  I'm working on a steampunk costume too.

BONUS: Infinity Scarf DIY also included in this instructables (last step).

I was so excited, this day has arrived! When I was growing up I used to spend hours pretending to be a fashion designer. I would draw dresses on ladies whose faces I made up. And then pretend they were ladies I knew when someone asked. Next came my Barbie phase where she got everything from a tissue paper dress to a duct tape, fantasy dress.
But I really wanted to make something for myself even though I had literally no sewing skills. A while back more inspiration hit when I read an article by Yahoo about Marisa Lynch who blogged about how she remade 365 different dresses from old dresses: one old, turn new dress for every day of year. Amazing! Check out her blog for before and after pics and get inspired. Her blog is newdressaday.com.

Be sure to read the highlighted stuff in this blog for helpful tips.

BTW, sorry for the poor pictures on this instructable they were lots of selfies through a mirror in the middle of the night. 

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cgray302 months ago
It look too rectangular. The bottom half looks very nice.

This is great! The newdressaday blog is one of my favorites and you did a fantastic transformation on this dress!

Also, did you make that rope top/belt? I love it and I would love to see a tutorial for it!

Thanks, Danger I'm learning as I go. I have a newfound love for sewing. l think that blogger is so adorable and so many of the things she made were cute. The rope came from a pair of pants I used to fit into. All I did with the belt was reformed it around the dress. Easy to put on and take off. I did take pictures of how to make it and of me wearing it but unfortunately the pictures came out poor because I had to take selfies. So I deleted them. I'll post an instructables on it when hubby can help take pictures and I'll let you know when I do. He's working mega hours so might take awhile.

Awesome, no rush! It's just so cute and I'm just thinking of all the plain dresses I have that would look like new with rope accents. I might get some rope of my own and do some fiddling around myself later this week :)

Great idea. I was thinking to do a belt instructable with a variety of belts if time permits. I'll let you know when I post. :-)

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

sursula1 year ago

great job with the transformation! and on a side note, great writing style, it was a delight to read!

tofugami (author)  sursula1 year ago

Thank you so much for your comment; it made my day. I've been trying to put more of my own voice in my instructables and I really appreciate that you noticed the extra effort. :-)

AnnieMcD1 year ago
You have made a lovely job of transforming this dress. As a novice sewer myself, I'm inspired. Good luck with future projects!
tofugami (author)  AnnieMcD1 year ago

Thank you, Annie. I'm just glad to find an audience to share all of these projects with.