Do you have access to a friend's computer for ~1 minute + restart time?
Is your friend deserving of a practical joke?
This is a simple and effective April Fool's Day Prank.

Step 1: Downloading and Using KeyTweak

  On the Victim's computer, download KeyTweak from (http://webpages.character.net/krumsick)
Install KeyTweak, following the onscreen instructions.

-Open KeyTweak.
-Select the key you wish to change, in this case, I chose Spacebar, which I will make into the Enter key.
-Chose the new action for the selected key under the "Choose New Remapping" menu.
-Click "Remap Key"
-Click "Apply"
-Restart computer as is prompted to do so.


Teehee, I think I'm gonna tease my fiance just a bit tomorrow, when I have acces to his computer :D

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