A very easy to produce remedy for posion ivy, oak ect as well as insect bites and stings.

Step 1: It Does Not Seem to Make Any Difference If You Are Fairly Inexact.

Step 2: 4% Vinegar

Step 3: 7% Dishwashing Liquid. (You Can Also Use Shampoo or Fabric Softener)

Step 4: The Remainder Should Be Tap Water.

Step 5: Put Into Garden Sprayer.

Step 6: It Should Keep for a Long Time, Like Months If Not Years.

Step 7: This Should Also Work on Blisters and May Work for Acne.

commercial remedy; Use Ivy Dry avalable at walmart, just ask the pharmacist Im 14 and it works for me!
We don't mess round with nuthin but Sasquatch Itch Cream in da Big House!<br><br>Sorry that's my Hillbilly girl coming out ;)
oh yeah, they have a web site, www.IvyDry.com -Duh-
In Florida esp Fire ants are atrocious......Clorox touched on the bites will remove the fire ant venom. After a couple of minutes just wipe off the Clorox with a damp rag. Make sure you apply the Clorox ASAP. Been doing this for 10 years now.
Poison ivy is phenolic, you need something basic like bicarb'. However, the soap component might help. I like "MAY work for acne", it's an interesting image: a spotty-teen spraying themselves with that in the morning...
bees and wasp stings are different aswell. one is alkaline and one is acid
mix vinegar and baking soda into a paste and put it on
anybody tried this?
Insect bites, like ant bites, are acidic. Vinegar is also acidic. This idea would work using something alkaline to combat the acid. Try household amonia rather than vinegar.

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