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Hello everyone!!!

This will be my first Instructable ever (Proof, I just added Instructable to the auto correct dictionary ^.^)

Being in my early 20's, I find myself at parties from time to time where great memories are made. Some memories more memorable than others! (or more forgettable >_<) SO, when thinking of a gift idea for a friend that lives in another country, I wanted to give them something to remember the crazy wild times we had here in the U.S. forever!

Enter RUMPLE MINZE! This guy never seems to fail in the *creating memories* department, so this was the bottle of choice... for so...sooo many reasons. Er'herm but continuing, I looked all over the internet for different ideas on how to do this and make it special. I came upon Instructables for the first time and saw some cool ideas, but they really came in handy for the fabrication aspects. It was on etsy that I saw the look I was going for. Credit goes to BodaciousBottles for the idea, though they don't explain at all how its made, which is why I'm here to explain how I got something similar.

This Instructable will detail my process of adding a light reflective flare to the inside of a(ny) bottle with a 16 color changing LED under it as illumination.  This is a very straight forward design that anyone can do.  The wood base was an artistic touch that I personally wanted to obtain, making this more a piece of art;  Though anyone can make a simplified base to streamline the project.

Lets get Started!

Edit**. Added two more I made for this Christmas!
Bud_891 year ago

Hello, I want to make one of these and have a few questions. Could i use a wooden box for the base ? Could you possibly make a video on frosting the bottle ? ( I got real confused on the frosting part :/

ulumind2 years ago
keren . . . !