Picture of Remington MSR
This will be really hard to post so don't ask unless your serious About Building!!

Here's the first MSR to hit the streets of Instructableville. I spent a while on this and it turned out really good. I may post if there are some good comments and ratings ( ya know, if the stars show up on the side!).

SOCOM (Special Operations Command) was created in 1987 to manage our nation’s special operations elements. The War on Terror has soldiers from SOCOM deployed at the sharp end of the spear around the world, in both rural and urban environments. The unprecedented OPTEMPO (operational tempo) has required SOCOM be given an adequate budget to ensure that the men who do the war’s heavy lifting are adequately trained and equipped. SOCOM units also operate in rapidly changing conditions, using methodologies and techniques not ideally suited to larger conventional units due to their complexity and risk. After carefully factoring in all the above considerations, SOCOM recently opened a solicitation for a new PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) that would be required to perform out to 1,500 meters. The rifle you see featured here is Remington’s patent-pending response.--- The Internet.
rheath22 years ago
The barrel's a bit long.
the vengeful aug (author)  rheath22 years ago
I guess a little but not much.
arjun13 years ago
~Meme~ arjun13 years ago
You honestly think he still has this gun?
arjun1 ~Meme~3 years ago
Cool, I'm in the process of building and RSASS or my own version of an MK14
Nice. Let me know when its done I'll check it out.
I'm almost done building it.
Done yet? :P
Lol, I've been busy with school. I got everything built but the trouble is the trigger system isn't working very well.
Ok, thats a pity it doesn't work to well. I'll probably build it only foor looks...
I got a better trigger system and it works great. I just need a good looking scope to go on top. Sorry it's taking me so long to complete it. I have been really busy and I finally found some time.
Ok. Cool
I officially completed it. I should have pics up sometime this afternoon.
It's posted. Here's the link.
very nice!
Thanks alot. Can you give my mk14 a vote in the toy challenge 2? Please?
Thanks man. Did you vote? There are 2 of my mk14s in the challenge so can you vote for both?
I voted them both
the vengeful aug (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
Thank you comrade.
no problem
Bwbt13 years ago
Would love it if you post <3
the vengeful aug (author)  Bwbt13 years ago
I have 2 versions in the challenge so vote for both.
the vengeful aug (author)  Bwbt13 years ago
I'll post if I win toy challenge 2. Give me a vote and lets see if I win. If I don't win, I'll post if I get some more comments.
Cool! The only thing I don't like to much, is the stock...
the vengeful aug (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
Well its a realistic one. Talk to Remington about that.
Jah, I get that it is realistic. It was not to offend you in any way, it's just that I don't realy like the look of the stock on the real one
the vengeful aug (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago