In this instructable, I'll show you to scan a physical object using 123D Catch, remix and modify it using Meshmixer, and then print it using a 3D printer. In this case, I'm going to scan a rock, and add a human face to it.

In a previous instructable, I described the process by which you can make a copy of a physical object, without modification. However, once an object is scanned, the sky's the limit in terms of what you can do to it! This instructable extends the previous one by showing how you can make quirky edits and remixes using Meshmixer, and then using other software to slice it for printing. The capture process is the same as in the previous instructable.

You'll need:

Step 1: Photograph Your Object

The first step is to take a number of photographs (between 20 and 40) of your object, so that 123D Catch can assemble a 3D model. I'm using a rock that I found near my studio.

Here are some important tips:
  • Photographs should capture all sides of the target object, both all the way around, and top and bottom. A good approch is to take 20 objects all the way around, and then move up (pointing the camera down at the object) and take another 20
  • The object should not be moved at all during capture, and lighting should remain consistent. In effect, once the object is in place, you should move around it
  • The target object should take up most of the frame: either get close to the object or zoom in
  • While it is not absolutely necessary to maintain the same distance from the object all the way around, it does help the algorithm if distances are consistent
  • Consistent diffuse lighting all around the object works best.
  • Accurate focus is important - you will want to remove any out of focus shots
There are extensive tutorials available here: http://www.123dapp.com/catch/learn

So go ahead, take your pictures. If you're using the camera rig I referenced earlier, adjust the horizontal distance on the rig, and the camera zoom, so that the object fills the frame. Since the distance to the object will be consistent, you might want to focus manually.

When you're done taking pictures, save them all to a folder with a descriptive name.
Unless i misunderstand Netfab costs 700&acirc;‚&not;, <br> <br>Stetchup has two very nice slicer plugin called Slicer3 and something else <br>and there is a free blender trick to do it also at <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WgtQ3QpRH4
The download link is for Netfabb Studio Basic, which is free. The pro version adds booleans and a lot of other features.
ohsweet <br>
NICE! Glad you found a reason to stick a face on something =)

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