Step 13: The finishing touches

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The chains you see are powder coated so they wont rust. Most are held into the ceiling using drywall anchors but the couple that line up with studs are anchored more securely. I traced the contour of the base onto cardboard that when held against the ceiling, allowed me to properly line up the anchor points. A simply piece of ribbon used as a tie back hold the shower curtain out of the way when not in use. Due to the extra high shower head, I needed a curtain about 16" long than normal. Sewing some extra fabric to the bottom with a ribbon at the seam was an attractive way of doing this. A couple lead fishing sinkers inside the bottom seem keeps the curtain weighted and just outside the show base when not tied back. A plastic liner is also used inside the curtain.

If the pictures look a little odd it's because I had to piece together two separate images since I can't back up enough to get a proper shot. All together it cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200 but $400 of that was dedicated to just the plumbing. New visitors are always surprised by how nice the bathroom is, but I guess that just means I need to bring the rest of the house up to par. If you're interested in other remodeling projects be sure to checkout my other instructables and remember to rate this if you enjoy it.
e-tek4 years ago
Great instructible, thanks for taking the time to post it. Just wondering if that window is going to impede the curtains ability to keep the water in? Did you do anything special around the window, like silicone caulk or waterproof paint? The chair rail moulding really breaks up the wall nicely too!
Very helpful - Thank you!
WILL625 years ago
Nice job,and really cool tile crafting, looks like it will stay forever.
how do you get powder coated chains?
MrBippers (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
At one point I found a bunch at a garage sale and figured it was something I could find a use for eventually. Most of the home improvement stores will sell chain by the foot so you may be able to find something similar there.