I'm back for the sequel to my previous instructable, how to remodel a bathroom.  That previous guide covered my downstairs bathroom and after a nice, *long* rest period I took on the upstairs bathroom.  This was a complete gutting involving replacing an old cast iron tub, replumbing for a modern 1 handle shower, adding some electric, and tiling galore.  As per my usual M.O., this was done on a budget.  The whole thing cost me less than $1,500.
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Frederbee1 year ago
Could you let me know how you dealt with the window and framing it? I have a window in my shower that gets absolutely disgusting around the edges, and I have no clue what to put as the frame. Previous owners used painted wood, and I had to rip it out because it was rotted through. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
erothman22 years ago
Love those inset shelves! I don't have a place to build out, but since I'm taking off the drywall to put up cement board, I can back them into the wall. Thanks for the great idea!
martind172 years ago
Can you explain a bit more about your comment on insulation and the vapor barrier. Thanks.
What shade of blue is that paint? its awesome!
kabira3 years ago
Did you get a plumber to do the plumbing or you did it yourself?
MrBippers (author)  kabira3 years ago
I did the plumbing myself. When I did my other bathroom I hired someone who let me watch how it was done. For the upstairs bathroom I took it on myself. Sweating copper really isn't all that tough, and you get to use a blowtorch.
bigmark3 years ago
Great job!!! Nicely done!!! Love the shelves in the wall!