Step 3: Modify the latch

Picture of Modify the latch
The next thing I did was modify the latch. Normally, when a cat steps on the plate-trigger (Pic1), a metal rod is pulled which undoes the latch and sends the cage door slamming down (Pic 2). You'll need to deactivate the plate by detaching the metal rod that connects the plate-trigger to the latch (Pic 3).

Next, you'll need to make your own rod to attach the steering mechanism (the new trigger) to the latch. I found a stiff piece of wire and bent it into a hook (Pic 4) and then attached it to the latch (Pic 5).

Finally, the last step, and possibly the most crucial aspect, is attaching the rod to the new trigger (Pic 6). The steering mechanism for your car may be different from mine, so I cannot give any specific instructions. However, I can offer this advice:
  • When adjusting the trigger sensitivity, I found that lengthening/shortening the rod was the easiest way.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity further by bending the latch hook (Pic 5).
  • When the trap is set, the trigger/steering mechanism should be pulled taught toward the trap's door.
  • You may also want to slightly bend the rod away from the cage so it doesn't rub against it when the trigger is activated.