Remote-Control Car Modifications





Introduction: Remote-Control Car Modifications

Hi, this is my first instructable so please be kind on the comments, any constructive criticism is very welcome!
When i saw the robot competition i was inspired and i decided to modify an old remote-controlled car i had, this instructable shows my process and what i added to the car.
Again this is my FIRST instructable :)

Step 1: Paint Job

1- i flipped the car over in order to access the screws, which i then loosened using a very small screwdriver.
2- I then removed the car body from the chassis
3- Then i used red electrical tape to cover the car's body
4- I also made sure that i didn't cover up any holes
5- again using the small screwdriver i re-attached the car's body.

Step 2: Sharp Spikes

I used two small wooden sticks to make spikes to mount on the car.
1- Using a scalpel i sharpened the ends of the two sticks
2- I then used a red sharpie and some white insulation tape to add some colour to the sticks
3 - Then i used some "no nonsense" super-glue to mount the spikes to the roof
4- I then re-attached the car body to the chassis

Step 3: Finished Car

This is the finished design.

Thank you for reading my instructable , as i have said this is my first one
so go easy on the comments :) , also it didn't take me very long (one evening)
more instructables soon!
please comment !!

Step 4: Other Use - Bomb Deployer

I realized my RC car could be used to drop a firecracker, the two spikes on top are used as rails to hold the firecracker and then with a sharp brake the firecracker simply slides off, then explodes after the car has made a quick escape!
for some reason the youtube box is broken so here is the link THE VIDEO



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    67 Discussions

    why we need to open and join again i think this is cheating like because car is already ready but you instructed that to open and join it.

    Maybe use something like this:

    Use a string to connect to the ring. add enough string so that your car can reach full speed and quickly drive away pulling the ring and, well you know the rest. :)

    wow. the fireworks in london are HUGE! I live in the USA and I have never seen a firework that big!

    1 reply

    Are you French, dude?? ('cause I noticed that the firecracker is a french brand that I always use).

    well you could have a strike anywhere match attatched to the car and use skills to light it

    ji have a car like that its awesome also sweet instructable

    why not use a pencil sharpener


    there not on very neat

    Oh i bought it in France, i think its called "Le petard du bison"

    haha i have a black car like that :D i now have a project whoo lol :DD p.s. those spikes..brilliant :D

    1 reply

    I would add some sort of spark mechanism. maybe buy a car with headlights, then use the wires to the headlights and somehow amp it up or use a relay to make a spark from the headlights. then put the fuse of the firecracker right in the electrodes and light it if need be.