Picture of Remote-Control Car modifications
Hi, this is my first instructable so please be kind on the comments, any constructive criticism is very welcome!
When i saw the robot competition i was inspired and i decided to modify an old remote-controlled car i had, this instructable shows my process and what i added to the car.
Again this is my FIRST instructable :)
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Step 1: Paint Job

1- i flipped the car over in order to access the screws, which i then loosened using a very small screwdriver.
2- I then removed the car body from the chassis
3- Then i used red electrical tape to cover the car's body
4- I also made sure that i didn't cover up any holes
5- again using the small screwdriver i re-attached the car's body.

Step 2: Sharp Spikes

Picture of Sharp Spikes
I used two small wooden sticks to make spikes to mount on the car.
1- Using a scalpel i sharpened the ends of the two sticks
2- I then used a red sharpie and some white insulation tape to add some colour to the sticks
3 - Then i used some "no nonsense" super-glue to mount the spikes to the roof
4- I then re-attached the car body to the chassis

Step 3: Finished Car

Picture of Finished Car
This is the finished design.

Thank you for reading my instructable , as i have said this is my first one
so go easy on the comments :) , also it didn't take me very long (one evening)
more instructables soon!
please comment !!

Step 4: Other Use - Bomb Deployer

Picture of Other Use - Bomb Deployer
I realized my RC car could be used to drop a firecracker, the two spikes on top are used as rails to hold the firecracker and then with a sharp brake the firecracker simply slides off, then explodes after the car has made a quick escape!
for some reason the youtube box is broken so here is the link THE VIDEO

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tanroj2 years ago
why we need to open and join again i think this is cheating like because car is already ready but you instructed that to open and join it.
I was just wondering what type of car that is?
Chowmix124 years ago
Maybe use something like this:

Use a string to connect to the ring. add enough string so that your car can reach full speed and quickly drive away pulling the ring and, well you know the rest. :)
techturtle24 years ago
wow. the fireworks in london are HUGE! I live in the USA and I have never seen a firework that big!
Its a small car
Are you French, dude?? ('cause I noticed that the firecracker is a french brand that I always use).
venchilla965 years ago
well you could have a strike anywhere match attatched to the car and use skills to light it
19samman985 years ago
ji have a car like that its awesome also sweet instructable
i want firecrackers NOT FAIR
why not use a pencil sharpener


there not on very neat
goeon6 years ago
What type of firecracker was that
=SMART= (author)  goeon6 years ago
Oh i bought it in France, i think its called "Le petard du bison"
goeon =SMART=6 years ago
odd name
=SMART= (author)  goeon6 years ago
yea lol
santy22 =SMART=5 years ago
it actually means OMG RUN AWAY OR UR SCREWD! LOL
metroid1216 years ago
haha i have a black car like that :D i now have a project whoo lol :DD p.s. those spikes..brilliant :D
=SMART= (author)  metroid1216 years ago
lol thanks
whats the point of the spikes?
=SMART= (author) 6 years ago
I was a noob..
codongolev6 years ago
I would add some sort of spark mechanism. maybe buy a car with headlights, then use the wires to the headlights and somehow amp it up or use a relay to make a spark from the headlights. then put the fuse of the firecracker right in the electrodes and light it if need be.
me and my firends did something similar to this, we modded rc cars and battled, i had a frontloader and i made a flamethrower on it by putting a can of WD-40 upside down above thte thing that the front lifts up and it would hit the sprayer and it would spray on a stick with lit napalm gel on it and it was pretty tight
Kaiven6 years ago
Hmmmm.... I wanna build a battle bot now...
=SMART= (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
=SMART= (author) 6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Mattrox =SMART=6 years ago
Definition for ROBOT A machine that can automatically do tasks normally controlled by humans and mostly is used to perform repetitive tasks on an assembly line.

so if you simply add to little sharp sticks to the top of a crap 5 dollar car it is definetly not a robot it is a rc car with skewers on glued on top.

As for advice try to get better pics, put boxes in them because some people are dum enough to not not what certian things are, try to explain things nicely
(because sometimes you understand it only because youve done it)

Also all that gave =smart= crappy comments calm down this instructable is not called make a robot it is called Remote-Control Car modifications and if he put in a contest it is his choise besides its not like smatr is gona win anything so lay off
No offence intended to anybody
"...because some people are dum enough..." To spell dumb wrong
=SMART= (author)  jeffconnelly6 years ago
hahahahahahaha Nice :D
right now im think man am i dum ahh I meant dumB
hey, he is quite within his right to put it in the robot contest, plus it is a robot, it has been electronically programed to perform a certain task when instructed. so there! (not made to offend)
he did not program it. so he cant take credit
haha. wen i saw u said bomb deployer. i though u meant those tiny little mothers. but then i scrolled down. n WOW, that thing was BIG. then i rembered that the car was tiny and so was the firecracker. haha
=SMART= (author)  sadunpererarules6 years ago
the fire cracker is actually quite big !
cool!6 years ago
Lol! I really thought for a sec that you were going to set off a fire cracker in your house!
Bartboy cool!6 years ago
So did I!
same here....
=SMART= (author)  cool!6 years ago
hahaha lol
Whaleman6 years ago
You could, theoretically and with heavy modification, turn the spikes into a rail for a model rocket engine. The engine could be ignited with a small electrical spark triggered by the remote control (you would probably have to sacrifice a feature of the car, such as turning the front wheels). The major downside to this would probably be the high probability of completely burning down your car and/or house/neighbor's house.
idea for weapon: top mounted tassssseeeeeerrrrrr........ Fun. Evil. But fun.
=SMART= (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
lol :D
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