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Introduction: Remote Control Propeller Clock

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I made this propeller clock for Instructables Clock contest....
i will upload the detailed step-by-step instructable in coming weeks
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    Guys thank you so much for liking my project ... Please do "vote" for me if its worth it! thanks

    Um no, you did not make this propeller clock. You just copied my video from youtube and claimed it as yours:

    its AMAZING !!!!!
    how did u even come up with the idea????
    i am waiting for the steps!!!

    Yes!.. scientific magic! :)
    actually LED's are programmed to blink with a specific frequency.... only 7 LED's are used to make this clock!

    Two thumb from Indonesia. Nice work, farouk. I can't wait to see how to make this clock. please take a time to post the diagramm. thanks.

    lol.... its not indonesia ... its Pakistan!... and thank you so much, i will post it soon :)

    Keep it up Larkay...mujhy bhi batao yara kese banai akhir? :D

    I know u r from pakistan. I mean I'm indonesian. And I know u r brother of Shahru Khan, lol.

    @babeh... sorry my mistake!... thank you so much my Indonesian brother!... and how you shahrukh khan? lol

    hay! its my first time here and i wd like to know more about your work. keep up and get more ideas, thanks

    wow !!! wounderfull, i lke it very much and also i am intrested to do like this so please can you post all the details for this projects? or send me by e-mail
    tanks you very much.

    grt looking forward for the instructibles.

    Cool, I see you are using a video head, are you using the rotary transformer in that to pass power to the clock? Also love the way you have the screws mounted to "Balance" it.

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    yes exactly!... its an old VCR head... rotary transformer as power source and actually its a bench vice to hold the assembly! thanks

    thank you so much!... :) please vote for my project thanks

    Wow, amazing clock!!! Will you be providing instructions??

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    thanks! yes hopefully soon... because i am busy with my papers these days.... and i wanted to enter the Clock Contest that's why i just made a video of it!...
    P.S. Please vote if you liked the project