Step 2: Parts

FS-CT6B Radio Transmitter 6 Channel 2.4 GHz
1 FS-CT6B Radio Receiver 6 Channel 2.4 GHz 
1 7.2V NiMH RC Battery (leftover from 2011 Sumo Bot)
2 HiTec HS-422 Servo Motors 
1 SparkFun “Medium” Servo
1 SparkFun Robotic Claw
1 Tazer 15T Forward/Reverse ESC (leftover from 2011 Sumo Bot)
1 Old Electric Drill (recycling!)
2 Lynxmotion Pan/Tilt Bracket Kits
3 PVC pipe bushings from ACE Hardware
3 PVC pipe ends from ACE Hardware
5 Eye hooks
4 Tension springs from ACE Hardware
4 Wire nuts
1/2" Inner Diameter Electrical PVC pipe
Assorted wood and plywood
Assorted nuts and bolts
Electrical tape
Zip ties
Assorted screws
Extra Wire

Drill Press
Handheld Drill
PVC Pipe Cutter
Soldering Iron
Table Saw
Miter Box