Remote Control Squeaky Toy




Introduction: Remote Control Squeaky Toy

This is a simple toy for pets. I came up with this to entertain my dog. You can use different sized remote control cars for different sized dogs and different terrains.

Step 1: Materials

What's Needed:
Remote Control Car
Squeaky Toy
Invisible Tape

Step 2: Tape

Take the tape and stick it to the bottom of the squeaky toy and then stick the squeaky toy to the top of the car. When you tape it to the car make sure the tape does not cover the squeaker and do not put so much tape to the point that when you pick up the squeaky toy the car comes up with it, you want the squeaky toy to come off the car easily when the dog bites it. 

Step 3: Use

In order to attract the dog's attention squeak the toy a few times then drive the car away and the dog will most likely follow it. Some dogs may be intimidated by the car so use the dog's favorite squeaky toy or get the dog used to the car before building this contraption. Have fun.
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