Some time ago, I picked up a cheap, wired iPod remote (like the one pictured below: $5).  I wanted to keep the iPod safely tucked away in a jacket pocket, but still listen to (and control) it while snowboarding.  Or, more accurately, I wanted to be able to pause it when getting on the lift (because it's rude not to talk to people) and start it up when getting off, and to adjust the volume as I went (so I could still hear my surroundings).  The remote had a nice clip that attached to the jacket's lapel securely enough.


I couldn't see the buttons while it was clipped on there, much less operate them with gloves on.  My first thought was to wire buttons to my helmet, but then I figured that I still wouldn't be able to see them, and my friends would be constantly smacking me on the head to mess with me.  So the idea for Remote Control iPod Gloves was born.

Disclaimer: yes, there are better ways to do this.  Nicer-looking ways.  Wireless ways.  Elegant ways.  Ways that people who know more than I do about electronics would use.

But this is my way.  The easy(ish) way.  The cheap way.  The geek way?

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's what I used to do this:

- Snowboard gloves
- iPod Photo (I know, it's ancient!)
- Remote that you don't mind taking apart and possibly never using again
- wires of miscellaneous gauge
- heat-shrink tubing
- solder of my choice (I'm sure there are lots of Instructables about soldering to help you choose some!)
- soldering iron
- couplers, connectors, or whatever else you want to call 'em
- conductive thread (ooh... that's a tough one!  I used the Lilypad Bobbin from Sparkfun.com for around $5: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9384)
- needle
- hot glue gun (although epoxy would work fine)
- cyanoacrylate glue, CA glue, Crazy Glue, Super Glue
Looks like someone beat me to this :)<br>I must ask where you got your remote, i could think of a couple more projects to do with this...<br>Also is it possible to do this without the conductive thread? if so, i have everything else<br>Will be a great project because i hate taking off my gloves just to change the song because it shuffled to some audio documentary....<br>Great project!!!<br>had misspellings in the first comment :)
I got my remote at dealextreme.com - and it looks like they still carry them. I'm sure you can find them elsewhere for about the same price and maybe with faster shipping.<br><br>If you own an older iPod like mine, RF-frequency wireless remotes are now available very cheaply and might be a better choice than a wired one.<br><br>You *can* do it without the conductive thread... some options would be:<br>1) Bare copper wire on the outside of the gloves.<br>2) Momentary push-buttons embedded in the gloves.<br>3) DIY foam push-buttons as in these 'ibles:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Printed-Electronic-Soft-Pad/<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Teddy-Bear-Remote-Control/<br><br>Good luck!
ok, thanks! thought about this a couple times (remote controlling ipod with gloves) but couldnt find a way to do it. Looks like you did though :) will look for ipod remote <br>
plus i couldn't find an edit button :)
I made a soft circuit with gloves to! copy cat. very very cool though if I listened to music I would totally do this.

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