Introduction: Remote Control/NES Controller/whatever BELT BUCKLE!!!

This is a stylin' addition to your current fashion statement

Step 1: Get a Metal Clasp Belt With Buckle

take your belt and remove the buckle. a screwdriver may be helpful in this.

Step 2: Take Industrial Strength Velcro and Attach to Belt

attach to belt in an orderly fashion like I have shown.

Step 3: Take Remote and Add a Big Piece of Velco to the Back.

Take the velcro and peel off the sticky paper on the back and add to the back of the remote.

Step 4: Put It On

fasten the two pieces of velcro and stick the remote, NES controller or whatever you wanted to make a belt buckle out of onto the belt.


simdude2u (author)2010-03-30

 you should make a sling one, with multiple remotes on it.

berky93 (author)2008-04-09

I think im gonna try this but ill use a ninja remote, so its not noticeable - muahahaha. or maybe one of my... uh, nevermind. i've said too much already.

gbosbiker (author)2008-03-20

so randomly awesome!

connorcancount! (author)2007-08-08

i like it

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