Balloons are great for simple pranks. You can pop the balloon and scare someone, or you can fill the balloon with water and soak them. These are some of the simplest and most basic pranks that you can do. But you can always make improvements on an old classic. In this project, I am going to show you how to pop a balloon remotely. That way you don't have to be anywhere nearby when it goes off. Pranks are always better if the victim can't figure out who did it or how they pulled it off. 

All you need is a small remote controlled car and a needle. 

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials that you need for this project:

Remote Controlled Car
Sewing Needle
Duct Tape
<p>You really don't need a motorised remote circuit to target people with water baloons.</p><p>A simple but tight twist of a water filled balloon end wedged into the door itself, becomes automated when someone opens the door. ;)</p><p>Another variation I have used in the past is a filled balloon with tighly twisted end, wedged into a drawer. The victim opens the drawer----&gt; splash! ;)</p>
<p>ya but this is way cooler</p>
<p>Awesome prank!</p>
Awesome. Thanks for posting
<p>You should try to make an asasins creed hidden blade.</p>
<p>Is it you on the video ?</p><p>If so you deserve a medal for your self sacrifice for the advancement of science !!&hellip;</p><p>Fun idea. Thanx for posting.</p>
Yeah. That's me. You would be surprised at how hard it is to find volunteers that will let you hit them with a water balloon when it is 30 degrees outside.
<p>No wonder ! </p><p>But then again, the only way for a scientist to prove his theory to the test is to take the place of the guinea pig&hellip; Beware of going too far : wasn't it that Dr. Jekyll made an experiment in the first place ?&hellip;</p>
<p>That's a devious DIY trick, I like it!</p>
Great idea!

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