Remote Controlled Barbie Jeep





Introduction: Remote Controlled Barbie Jeep

Remote Controlled Barbie Jeep. Heater fan motors from a car, 12V car battery and regular RC car electronics.



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    Thanks for introducing this new RC gift most of peoples don't know about this kind of RC toys so this post is vert informative thanks for sharing.

    I have built several of these using the original motors and marine type 12v batteries. a lot of fun. we had a stuffed wyle coyote toy in one chasing another with big bird stuffed toy. the kids loved it

    how did you make the jeep please tell me in details.

    Hi, I am Deep I also want to know that how I can make it
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    He bought it from walmart...

    If I saw this going down the road, I would be frightened!

    Sorry, this project has since been destroyed do to lack of room in my garage. It wasn't hard to make though. Blower motor from junkyard cars make great motors. Just make a bracked to hold the motors on the jeep and attach the barbie jeep wheel. All the electronics are basic RC stuff, nothing fancy. Steering is just a 1/4 scale hitec servo. You don't need much to steer hard plastic wheels.

    what style of electric motors did u use?

    how to make the radio control car circuit