Here I will show you how to build a remote controlled basketball robot. That's right, no joke! I have built a similar ball for the HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS and now you can build your own.

Here's a list of supplies you'll need.

7" Hamster Ball

Sports Shop:

High Torque Metal Gear Servo. I used the HS-645MG
Aluminum Servo Shaft Horn 250HS
(3) Aluminum Hubs 3463H
RZ12-90-128RPM Gear Motor
Servo Mounts
Gear Motor Mount
(2) 1/8 ID Bearings
1/ 4 ID Bearing

Any Hobby Shop:
2 channel radio and receiver set (More channels are fine)
(8) Elite 1500 batteries
Cheap ESC (Electronic Speed Control)

Hardware Store:
3/ 4" Aluminum Flat Stock
3/ 4" Steel Flat Stock
Misc Nuts and Bolts
Double Stick Tape
Lead weights (Or steel)
Great Stuff Expanding Foam

Step 1: Sketch / Plans for the Ball

Here are rough drawn plans for the ball. It has a Gyro for stability control, a servo for steering and a gear drive motor for propulsion. This ball moves only because the weight at the bottom moves. So, the idea is to get as much weight as far below the centerline as possible. Led or steel weights are added to help.

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