Remote Controlled Lawnmower


Introduction: Remote Controlled Lawnmower

Remote controlled lawnmower.  The mower deck is a 22 inch Weedeater from WalMart.  The wheel chair motors are Merits.  The motors run at 12 volts and the battery is recharged by a GM alternator.  The transmitter is a Futaba T4YF. The speed controllers (2) are from Astroflight.

The mower has been in service for over 5 years and works great!



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    I like your innovation. Could you send me the plans please?

    Please email me the plans and details including costs. Thank you email

    Great mower! I've been wanting to build one of these! May I have a copy of your plans, please?

    Hi. can I get a copy of the plans too? kalyekid(at)


    I am willing to pay for the plans mesco97(the at symbol)yahoo(dot) com

    hi great job I was just wounding if I could get your plans of your R/C lawn mower thank you

    Could I please get a copy on the plans too? steveremraf(at)gmail

    Great design, Bob.

    Could you send me the plans please?


    That should have read


    Hi Bob, Love the clean simple design and the alternator is a great idea. Could you send me the plans please.

    Cheers, Sean.

    Hi Bob, can you send me a cop of the plans

    Thanks Bill


    Hi ,bob , may I know how you use the Futaba servo to control?

    Best regards Sincerely your Kuo

    Hello Bob, Can you send me a copy of your RC mower plans? I just had 2
    knee surgeries and will no longer be able to use the mower to cut the
    hills and slopes on my property. This will help me tremendously. My
    email is

    Bob, can you send your RC mower plans to please? Appreciate

    bob i would also appreciate a copy of your plans

    great looking rig


    Hey Bob, can you please send me the plans @

    .. thank you very much..!!

    Hey Bob, please send me a copy.

    Hello Bob, I would like a copy of the plans as well. taemagis(at)gmail (dot).com

    Please send the plans to my husband!