Remote controlled lawnmower.  The mower deck is a 22 inch Weedeater from WalMart.  The wheel chair motors are Merits.  The motors run at 12 volts and the battery is recharged by a GM alternator.  The transmitter is a Futaba T4YF. The speed controllers (2) are from Astroflight.


The mower has been in service for over 5 years and works great!
Hi Bob,<br>I'm handicapped and have a lawn service cutting my grass right now. (expensive).<br>If you could please send me a PDF or word document of the plans to solemndave@hotmail.com, I would greatly appreciate it.<br>Thanks,<br>Dave
<p>can you please send me the plans? My email is rcunningham8820@yahoo.com Thank you!</p>
<p>May I please also have the PDF? :) Thank you! My email is arenas1@yahoo.com That's awesome! thanks Bob</p>
<p>Bob can you send the plans to arenas1@yahoo.com</p><p>thank you very much </p>
<p>May I please also have the PDF? :) Thank you very much! My email is arenas1@yahoo.com That's awesome! thanks again</p>
I'm pretty good with the mechanical part. Just need help in the remote control department.
I'm pretty good with the mechanical part. Just need help in the remote control department.
<p>Bob,</p><p>Can you please send me the plans? My e-mail is el_faro2003@yahoo.com</p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>are the plans online or do you need to email them?</p>
<p>send me your email address &amp; I'll send you the plans. Thx.</p>
ddavis@onsitetechky.com<br><br>Thank you
<p>Excellent creation! I'm interested building homemade one too for my garden care so I need for schematics. If you can, pls send me plans to </p><p> luigirizzo.mas@libero.it</p><p>Thank you in advance any answer</p>
<p>Hi Bob thanks for putting this up on the site. Can you please email me the plans to dino.druding@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hi Bob May you pls send the plans to aaron.smith.durban@gmail.com. It would be much apprecia</p>
Hi Bob I've started getting together some ideas for a similar project only difference will be electric motor for the cutting to. If I could get a copy of the PDF it would help me a lot. Thanks and great job <br>nathanstacey81@gmail.com
<p>Hi Bob thanks for putting this up on the site. Can you please email me the plans to paulbaldwin5115@gmail.com</p>
<p>Please send me the plans </p><p>ddc00@yahoo.com</p>
Can you send me the plans or instructable. Jerad.McCann@Yahoo.com
<p>please send mower plans to bournedownunder@hotmail.com. I even have a remote camera to mount and hoping to mow from mylaptop with visual. Is this possible? At 69 I am ready to harness technology. Thanks from new Zealand.</p>
<p>May I please also have the PDF? :) Thank you! My email is brenpjohn@gmail.com. That's awesome!</p>
<p>Can I also have the pdf? Email holland485754@gmail.com</p>
can i also have the pdf and does it show how to wire it. email is jayykidd4@gmail.com
<p>RandyS5, Please send me your email address, and I will send you a PDF that will answer most of your questions.</p>
<p>I would like the PDF also. I had plans for putting an alternator on this type of setup myself. Plus i have one more trick up my sleeve but i want to make it and see if it works first before i put it out for all to see. My email is darkavenger112@gmail.com Great job on the mower</p>
What is the idea for one more trick? Share knowledge...lol
Could you send me the PDF as well, eho2739@aol.com<br>Thank you very much<br>Vr<br>Eric
<p>Bib, this looks great! Would you share the PDF, please? I'm at: </p><p>enert.a (at) gmail (D0T) C0M. </p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>Bob would you be willing to send me the PDF also, Thanks in Advance cj.morin at gmail.com</p>
<p>Bob, I'd like to see this pdf as well along with all the different parts you've used. I plan on doing the same thing except putting it on tracks. I have some slopes in my yard that are difficult and dangerious to do manually. I think this will solve that problem! Thanks.</p><p>jadrouin@hotmail.com</p>
<p>Hello!</p><p>I would also like to receive the pdf. Thanks in advance!</p><p>mclouse93@live.com</p>
<p>please share me the pdf . thank you </p><p>jphung73@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hey man, if you got the pdf, share it with me also please. giancarlo1116@gmail.com</p>
<p>&quot;Pulley on motor shaft to drive alternator-MKAMA26 x 7/8&quot; shaft&quot;</p><p>Is that a part#? If so, from where / who makes it? I can't seem to find this anywhere. =(</p>
<p>Here's where I purchased the pulley: Bearing Chain &amp; Supply Inc Directions Bearing Supplier Address: 3244 Garden Brook Dr, Farmers Branch, TX 75234 Phone:(972) 247-7122</p>
Bob can you send me the pdf and any other pics you have? Thanks my email is craig_schmidt77@uahoo.com
<p>I love this lawn mower! I am going to make one. The question is. Is there a way you can take a photo or make a quick drawing of the frame that you made out of 1&quot; Steel tubing? I cant see how the battery is mounted or where it sits? I'm guessing that the frame is rectangle but then in the rear of the mower, it must have a L bracket so that you can mount a plate for the battery? Any suggestions or info would be amazing. Do you sell complete plans on how to make this step by step? thanks, Gary</p>
<p>I am in the process of making this. how do you stop lawn mower blade remotely? is there a way to do this? I just want to be safe and prevent accidents.</p><p>thank you</p>
<p>I have a servo mounted on the mower that activates a switch. The switch activates a 12 volt relay. The relay actives the kill switch (i.e., grounds the spark). There is also another switch on the mower that grounds the spark if for any reason the remote kill does not work.</p>
<p>sticks and stuff doesn't affect the alternator belt or anything? im attempting to hook an alternator to a model im working on but i figured the belt would get beat up being under the deck of the mower.</p>
<p>alternator belt lasted over 2 years before replacement</p>
<p>The mower deck is 22&quot; from Walmart. I drilled a hole in mower deck to mount alternator. Used a die grinder to cut swivel hole in deck for alternator to swivel. Used a double pulley on alternator to clear underside of mower deck. Pulley on motor shaft to drive alternator-MKAMA26 x 7/8&quot; shaft. Belt-24&quot;-DriveRite#15235DR 10A0600 purchased at Pep Boys. One wire alternator goes to positive + battery terminal. Ground to negative - bat term. See earlier comments for source to buy 1 wire alternator, wheel chair motors, astro-flight controllers, and Futaba receiver and transmitter. Rear wheels were from Harbor Freight. Front casters were from Northern Tool. Frame is 1&quot; square tubing. Mower has been in service for 5 years.</p>
<p>Do you have a step by step procedure of how you built this? A quick guide or a video explaining how you built this would be great.</p><p>Thanks</p>

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