Picture of Remote Controlled Lawnmower
Remote controlled lawnmower.  The mower deck is a 22 inch Weedeater from WalMart.  The wheel chair motors are Merits.  The motors run at 12 volts and the battery is recharged by a GM alternator.  The transmitter is a Futaba T4YF. The speed controllers (2) are from Astroflight.

The mower has been in service for over 5 years and works great!
master key1 year ago
very cool, too bad the tinfoil and hot glue weedeater deck will rust out quickly.
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David972 years ago
Cool I was looking at doing the same thing, do youknow where i could get the samemotors second hand
Bob Bowie (author)  David972 years ago
eBay is a good source for wheel chair motors. The ones I used are Merits Part #'s WMT90423 and WMT90424.
I can't find those part numbers anywhere. Are you really using 12v motors, or are you using 24v motors and just running them at 12v?
Bob Bowie (author)  secretspy7111 year ago
Yes, these are 24Volt motors running at 12V. Not a problem. They have plenty of power and RPM. eBay is a good source for wheel chair motors. The ones I used are Merits Part #'s WMT90423 and WMT90424.
Bob Bowie (author) 1 year ago
You can view a video and pictures of my remote controlled lawnmower at:

Currently, the mower is controlled by a Futaba 4YF transmitter. The 2 receivers
mounted on the mower receive signals from the Futaba transmitter and send commands via 2 Astro-flight 208d Reversing Controllers to 2 12volt wheel chair motors, which drive the mower.

I want to interface my Windows 7 PC to allow the following 2 steps:

Step #1-Learn Mode
Control the 2 Astro-flight 208d Reversing Controllers on the mower via the PC
keyboard or PC joystick and record the sequence of commands to the PC.

Step #2-Playback Mode
Place the mower in the same start position and send commands recorded on the PC in
Step #1 to the mower.

Is there a way to plug the 2 Astro-flight 208d Reversing Controllers into an
Arduino board that can be controlled by my Windows 7 PC? Specs on the Astro-flight
controllers can be viewed at:

Thank you,
Bob Bowie

fireplace1 year ago
how did you hookup youre alternater?
Bob Bowie (author)  fireplace1 year ago
I drilled a hole in mower deck to mount alternator. Used a die grinder to cut swivel hole in deck for alternator to swivel. Used a double pulley on alternator to clear underside of mower deck. Pulley on motor shaft to drive alternator-MKAMA26 x 7/8" shaft. Belt-24"-DriveRite#15235DR 10A0600 purchased at Pep Boys. One wire alternator goes to positive + battery terminal. Ground to negative - bat term. See earlier comments for source to buy 1 wire alternator.
frost7k2 years ago
what do you use as the controle system i want to use wiper motors to run platforms but idk if the wiresless reciever i have will transfer over to controle the motors
Bob Bowie (author)  frost7k2 years ago
The speed controllers from Astroflight plug into the radio receiver and the drive motors. I'm using Merits wheel chair motors running at 12 volts DC. The speed controllers give you forward and reverse control. They can be purchased from Astroflight. The web site is:

My transmitter is a Futaba T4YF. The receivers I'm using are compatible with the Futaba transmitter, but I feel certain most transmitter/receiver combinations will work. You might contact Astroflight to confirm. (949-855-9903)
DavisM2 years ago
is there anyway you could do a step by step
Bob Bowie (author)  DavisM2 years ago
Build frame from 1" tubular steel .

Add casters in front, wheel chair motors in rear with wheels from Harbor Freight.

Mount alternator on mower deck

Bolt mower deck to frame.

Add plastic junction box to frame to hold receivers & Astroflight devices.

Wire Astroflight devices to wheelchair motors and 12 volt battery.
mtd0915712 years ago
Very Cool! Can you tell me what gm alternator you used? I am trying to make one now. I have the basics. motors, controller, radio, lawnmower. Wanted to add a alternator and a failsafe switch. Awesome, thanks for the contribution.
As far as  alternators go, there are a number of one wire GM alternators available. These used by a lot of hobbyist  because they are so easy to hookup.
Bob Bowie (author)  mtd0915712 years ago
A good source for GM alternator is Dale Marlin (918-519-6839). Dale rebuilds alternators and sell them for around $65 to $70 plus shipping from Oklahoma. You will need a pully with 2 v-belt grooves. You use the 2nd groove (farthest away from alternator) to clear the mower deck.

Dale is honest and does a good job rebuilding them. Get 1 GM 1 wire the puts out 65 amps.

Good luck!