I know this wacky little kid, all he wanted for Christmas was a remote controlled lobster.
He asked his parents... he asked Santa.... he asked anyone who would listen.

Unfortunately...  "Your search - Remote Controlled Lobster - did not match any documents" and Santa nor his elves had the chops to pull of such a radical thing :(

Luckily for this little boy, he'sgot a crazy uncle who likes to make stuff !

Step 1: R&D

I didn't have a long time to pull this off so i knew i wouldn't be able to construct this entire thing from scratch.

I started out looking for an existing RC vehicle that was somewhat lobster shaped.

I eventually came across the Tyco Terrainiac which was far more lobster shaped than i could have ever hoped for!

and guess what else?


Just like a real lobster.
So cool! Where did you find the lobster shell?
you sir, are the uncle of the year.
VIDEOO|!!!!! <br>
it's possibly a technological first, well done.<br> <br> L
Yes I'm looking in to patenting the concept for military applications ;)
You have something novel in the mechanism then?<br> <br> L
well... it is a remote controlled lobster... i think that is novel enough.<br>
It's not going to be a boring day for a patent-clerk when they see your application. Best wishes for your military-application.<br> <br> L
I think red lobster should rename itself: RC Lobster!
It's crazy and awesome and now that I come to think of it... I want one too!
To think, I had to eat mine, I didn't get to play with my food!!
How does it taste? ;)
Yes! I fully support more lobster-based projects.

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