Picture of Remote Controlled Lobster
I know this wacky little kid, all he wanted for Christmas was a remote controlled lobster.
He asked his parents... he asked Santa.... he asked anyone who would listen.

Unfortunately...  "Your search - Remote Controlled Lobster - did not match any documents" and Santa nor his elves had the chops to pull of such a radical thing :(

Luckily for this little boy, he'sgot a crazy uncle who likes to make stuff !

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Step 1: R&D

Picture of R&D
I didn't have a long time to pull this off so i knew i wouldn't be able to construct this entire thing from scratch.

I started out looking for an existing RC vehicle that was somewhat lobster shaped.

I eventually came across the Tyco Terrainiac which was far more lobster shaped than i could have ever hoped for!

and guess what else?


Just like a real lobster.

Step 2: Where to start

Picture of where to start
I wanted the body panels of this beast to be replaceable just like a traditional rc kit, this way when they get all beat up and destroyed by the erratic driving of a 7 year old they can be replaced easily.  I was planing to sculpt and thermoform the body panels but incredibly i was able to find an existing thermoformed lobster shell that just happened to be the exact scale of the base vehicle i was working with.

The first step was to divide the styrene shell in to pieces that would fit well on to the body of the vehicle.

i divided the shell with an xacto blade and rough fitted it to the vehicle
PCPC1 year ago
So cool! Where did you find the lobster shell?
tonyblitz11 year ago
you sir, are the uncle of the year.
lemonie2 years ago
it's possibly a technological first, well done.

bryanbrutherford (author)  lemonie2 years ago
Yes I'm looking in to patenting the concept for military applications ;)
You have something novel in the mechanism then?

bryanbrutherford (author)  lemonie2 years ago
well... it is a remote controlled lobster... i think that is novel enough.
It's not going to be a boring day for a patent-clerk when they see your application. Best wishes for your military-application.

milkywaybar2 years ago
I think red lobster should rename itself: RC Lobster!
Tigermouse2 years ago
It's crazy and awesome and now that I come to think of it... I want one too!
radiograf2 years ago
To think, I had to eat mine, I didn't get to play with my food!!
oldhamedia2 years ago
How does it taste? ;)
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Yes! I fully support more lobster-based projects.