The aim of this project was to build a simple robotic arm that can be remotely controlled. This robotic arm will be attached to my mobile robot. In addition, this design has been equipped with an OLED display that gives information about the current control and a few infrared sensors to detect objects around the manipulator.

Step 1: Electronic Parts and Materials

Since it was my first design of the robotic arm, I wanted to simplify it as much as possible. The mechanical design is very simple, I've just used a piece of plastic bracket, rotating platform, three servos and gripper.

Parts needed in this project:

  1. Arduino DUE x1
  2. TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier x1
  3. HC-05 bluetooth module or similar x1
  4. DFROBOT Hexa Base Rotate Kit x1
  5. LF 20MG 20 KG Digital Servo x3
  6. I2C OLED display module (0.96 Inch) x1
  7. Step-Down Voltage Regulator (5V or 6V) x1
  8. Makeblock robot gripper x1
  9. IR Sensor (Sharp GP2Y0A21) x3
  10. Pan/Tilt Kit x1


  1. Plastic angle bracket (L-shaped - 200x300x2.5 mm) x1
    • piece with a length of 13 cm x1
    • piece with a length of 10 cm x1
  2. Nuts and bolts
    • M2 10 mm x6
    • M3 40 mm x4
    • M3 10 mm x5
  3. A piece of white furniture board attached to the base of robotic arm (450x300 mm)
I am using arduino uno could you please tell me wiring and code for it
<p>Wow great work!</p>
Assuming I don't have any of the parts for this project, how much would it cost? Great design by the way.?
<p>The total cost is about 200 $</p>

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