Its home appliances remote controller,
you control anything under between 500 ft from a center point to all direction.
mainly its suitable for home appliances l.e, fan, T.V, bulb, A.C, etc.
you can control four object at a time.
its a programming device. there is no need to any type of micro controller and programming.
its work on radio frequency.

Step 1:

<p>Video? Great effort! You are to be commended! I haven't a clue for what though as this site is for we dummies in need of actual written instructions hence the title, Instructables.</p>
<p>I'll try to improve.</p>
<p>Cool controller. Could you share a little more about he circuit? A circuit diagram would really help people to duplicate it.</p>
<p>Dude, its a systematic circuit diagram of it, and u can use relay in the place of LED.</p><p>if u want to boost up range, then use a long antenna or frequency booster device.</p>
Sure dude, give me few time I will send it circuit diagram.

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