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Introduction: Remote Detonator

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The detonator works by turning on the switch then holding down the arm button then pushing the red fire button and its powered by a 9v battery

Step 1: What You Need

Things you need are a small container, a length if wire, 2 momentary push button switches, a toggle switch, an LED or a Christmas light and a 9v battery

Step 2: The Frame

Drill three holes in the top of the box in an L shape then put a smaller hole right above the far right button (for the light) then two smaller holes in the front for the wires

Step 3: Wiring

Ya I have no idea how to explain this so just figure it out



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    could you use it for turning things on/off ?

    It's a 9v battery connected to 2 buttons in a row which light up the Christmas light and the bomb, or what ever your turning on.

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    how does it explode the firecracker?

    I just figured out to report it for being incomplete.

    why is this even here?

    This instructable changed my life.

    It's not that I don't know the steps I just don't know how to explain the wiring

    detonator...for what??? explosives??? are you serious??? O.o

    Having bare wire connections inside of a metal box sounds like an invitation for disaster. Electrical tape at least man!