Picture of Remote Detonator
here is a guide on how to make your own remote detonator (using radio):

you will need, a brain, two hands, eyes and some stuff below

a soldering iron.


wire snippers

wire strippers

and pliers.

Step 1: Parts (transmitter)

Picture of Parts (transmitter)
ok, here are the parts.

Case: I used a case from Rapid, I can't remember what the code was, but it comes with buttons and the project fits perfectly into it. Or if you are using it as a detonator you might want to make a snazzy case with lots of switches and knobs to make you feels more powerful.

Electrical Components:
i am from england and i use other companies to all you americans. i dont know if Digikey stock them or Radioshack, or you can use the internet. (dont complain to me though, its your problem)

two resistors, 1M resistor (R1) and a 150R to 400R(R2) are the values (you can get them anywhere in the world) the letter then number in the brackets for all the components relate to the layout and schematic (if you cant find these on radioshack then well...)

two capacitors:
(c1) Ceramic disk. value; 100nF
(c2) Electrolytic. value; 100uF (you should be able to find these on radioshack as well)

(U1) HT6014 this it the encoder chip, i dont know if you can get it over in america, but it works well and it is very available in U.K.
(U2) AM-RT4-418 this is the radio module, again i dont know if you can get it in america, tough cookies if you cant.

(D1) this is a 5mm led of any colour you want the resistor value to be between 150R and 400R beware that 150R will have the Brightest LED but any lower the LED will burn out.

3V battery holder (two AAAs) you can get that in america
SW1 - SW4 these are the transmitter switches (you guessed it, it is four channel, which means that you can detonate four different things seperately. the rapid order code for these is 78-0622. see they are PCB pushes.

18 pin dil socket you can get these in america. this is to mount the chip in.

then finally (for the Transmitter at least!)
an eight pin dil switch, this is optional and is purely to encode the signal, you need the same code on both ends to be able to use this. (might come in useful so no one detonates the stuff when you are close!)

That concludes the Transmitter parts list...
TONYTONE888 months ago
This is great pal. Gettin a bloody head ache trying to learn electronics. Do h a request though. I'm trying to make a hand held detonator and disposable receivers that I can use on AIRSOFT granades so I only need one channel and the receiver to be a simple as possible. Could you strip your design down for me or point me in the right direction? Thanks again.
UmarK11 months ago

how if we use RTQ4-418 in place of RT4-418.

how to increase its range

ebolson1 year ago
I think you put them where the leds are
soul19742 years ago
Nice tutorial ,where do you connect the ignite wire
wh1zzyboy3 years ago
Is it possible that you can give us a link for the schematics, indestructable seems to make them to small.
monsterman3 years ago
where can you get the radio modules from?
joeyhof4 years ago
what kinda power supply can i use
collard41 (author)  joeyhof4 years ago
12V. Mine has max current of 500mA which is more than enough.
i can't see the electrical output for the receiver witch where you can put the nicrome wire.

please show me i want to make one..
joeyhof4 years ago
ok did you desinge this from your head or did you find how to build it on a website because im having such a hard time trying to build this thing?
Hi, does anyone know where to buy the encoders and decoders from? I have checked rapid and various other shops but with no luck.

solarbotics.com for the encoder and decoder
joeyhof4 years ago
were do you attatch the wires on the reciever to make it ignite? can i use a premade circuit board?
uxaxi5 years ago
are there any transmiters that you can buy in america that will do the same thing as yours?
dd_dodd5 years ago
You don't specify which relay to use, any specific part # I should look for?
where did you get the pcb?
i'm not 100% on this but it looks like he etched it himself
collard41 (author)  bombmaker25 years ago
yes I made it myself.
that's wat i thought
jb.clarke5 years ago
 Why is there 5 relays yet there is only 4 channels/switches
collard41 (author)  jb.clarke5 years ago
One is for common, so if any channel is on it is on, the other four are independent channel ones.
so when you press any switch is triggers both the top relay (from pin VT) and the one for the chosen channel?
collard41 (author)  jb.clarke5 years ago
 will the led connected to the 4 channels still light without the relay being there?
collard41 (author)  samlewis24065 years ago
yes, the relay is just there to provide some extra power to an external device that could be connected to it
jb.clarke5 years ago
 Which CAD software did you use?
tulavatalo5 years ago
will this work with a 9v or a 12vbattery
collard41 (author)  tulavatalo5 years ago
It will work with both, but it is desgined for a 12V.

There is a regulator to drop it down to 5V so therefore 9V and 12V would both work.
im having trouble locating a HT6014 can you please send me a link of where to find this chip i have been searching for quite a while now
bombmaker26 years ago
how big were the boards u used
also how did u make the layout
collard41 (author)  bombmaker26 years ago
I used a CAD suite to design the Schmatic and Layout, then I used photosensitive board and a UV lightbox to make the tracks etc. I drilled the holes with a CAM machine I made that has a 1.5mm drill bit. I exported the data from the CAD suite into the CAM Machine and it drills the holes for you :D
yea i dont hav any of that
KWeippert6 years ago
Hey...You do realize that the two pics for the parts list for trans. and res. are the same pic. Just thought I would point that out. Please update this. Thanks
collard41 (author)  KWeippert6 years ago
Sorry for that, I just updated it.
fatboy1066 years ago
rapid do everything
Do they do the required encoder, decoder and radio equipment? They're what i can't find
if rapid don't sell them maplin probably will
collard41 (author)  lifelong-newbie6 years ago
That's where I got them from.
collard41 (author)  fatboy1066 years ago
I agree.
Hi, great ible I'm UK based too, who did you use for parts? Regards Tom
collard41 (author)  lifelong-newbie6 years ago
I used Rapid, you can get them from CPC, RS, Farnell and others as well.
laverack696 years ago
hi, would it be possible to make it work just one device rather then 4, and would you still need the ic chip? Thanks
mrwabbit6 years ago
Sorry I'm newbie here. So where on the receiver circuit does detonation occurs? and where do i stick the nichrome wire? Thanks.
collard41 (author)  mrwabbit6 years ago
There are four channels. The LEDs signal them, but you can replace the LEDs with a detonator or wire them in parallel. The LEDs are running at 12V
jb.clarke6 years ago
Just to check, both the transmitter and detonator work of 3V - 2AA? Cheers
collard41 (author)  jb.clarke6 years ago
The circuit is designed to work on 12V. It has a 5V regulator for the chip. The chip works on 5V but I use a 12V power supply so I have built into the circuit a regulator. If you want you can redesign it and then it will work on 4.5V (3 AA or AAA).
mikey777 years ago
To chalky, You are right. A mobile phone is an easier choice. An even easier choice is two wires and a battery. This is how most professionals who have a legitimate reason to detonate explosives do it. For the most part, they intentionally avoid using radio signals because the receiver could pick up spurious signals while they are hooking up. Boom! their face is gone. How is it below the belt to say that this instructable is dangerous and foolish?
Ok, Making a detonator can be foolish, but it's a lot less dangerous than making the bomb itself. There's a ton of 'ible about how to make flash powder, black powder, Kno3 + Sucrose (wich is btw, the fuel used by the "terrorists" to proppel their rockets). Mikey, I respecet your opinion but I can't approve, if it's important to you go on every 'ible, about explosive or related to explosives, and post some comments like you just did here.
hehe, yeah, i made a different 1, its sort of a combination of a few detonators on instructables, but this is kickass. it seems expensive tho
collard41 (author)  lunchboxslayer276 years ago
It isn't really, only about £6 without a case. It isn't difficult to build either.
umm. . . no sorry but they use sulfer and zinc
collard41 (author)  brandon borick6 years ago
sulphur and zinc doesn't react very violently, ever heard of a fertiliser bomb? fertiliser contains kno3, among other salts, and then just add sugar
collard41 (author)  mikey776 years ago
well, if i wasnt stupid id make the bomb and then at the last minute put the detonator in.
Or use one of the many available timer-curcits to delay arming.
edfel016 years ago
lol us americans... good job
RiRitheReRe6 years ago
honestly, if this device is using an encoder from a garage door opener, and only has a range of 100 yards, it wouldn't be that hard to jam the signal. The close proximity to the bomb is also a problem for terrorists. I noticed earlier that someone said terrorists could use this device, which is true, and that they will not because they want to die for their cause. The truth is that they will and do use radio devices to detonate explosives instead of always using themselves. The main reason this device would not be used is that a cell phone is a much better option because it has a much longer range and is a little harder to jam. The reason I am looking at this device is because I want something that I can attach to an RC helicopter or plane and use to drop little foam bombs because I think that would be a cool idea. Unfortunately I can't design it myself because I have no idea how to make a radio transmitter and receiver that can transfer just enough data to do this. I understand how it is supposed to work on a conceptual level, but have no idea how it works in practice. Terrorists are smart. Crazy, but smart. The leaders of a terrorist cell could probably design a device similar to this with a much longer range and more capability without considerable difficulty. The reason they do not is very limited resources and they want a 100% chance of success. This device does not guarantee the 100%, and so it is not going to be the first choice, or probably even the second.
collard41 (author)  RiRitheReRe6 years ago
just to say that it does not use the transmitter from a garage door opener, it runs on a frequency of 433 MHz which is the frequancy of the garage door opener and many other things, as you do not need a licence to use it. and also you can just change the radio module to a better one and it would go much further. and again the signal is encoded and modulated so it could not easily be set off. the encoding is done by an optional 10 way DIL switch so you can have it encoded in many different encryption setiings. it might be a bit big for your needs or you could design a surface mount one.
DarkTrinity7 years ago
The downside to using this as a detonator, is it will probably get blown up in the process =P

Although it does depend on size and distance of the explosives. You could always wire this away from the bomb scene so it doesnt get damaged, but it kinda takes away from the purpose of being wireless.
collard41 (author)  DarkTrinity7 years ago
well if you are thinking of blowing things up that big you might as well get a professional. if you have 2m of wire or so it wont blow up. the radio can go up to 100m line of sight.
igeorge7 years ago
the schematic of the reciever can not be seen
collard41 (author)  igeorge7 years ago
it is on the last step
Thank you. Sorry, I missed
collard41 (author)  igeorge7 years ago
it ok. now i have put it on the second step.
Nice 'ible 5/5 . Added to Favorites. Voted for you. Can you add the schematic files for the PCB ? (I wan't to make it to remote trigger my spudgun, not to blow up soldiers in the middle east with a road side bomb...)
First thing i thought when i say this was using this for my churches next years firework display.. Its hard to get 6 people to light the thing at once.
Udon7 years ago
Patriotism doesn't come into it. Neither does fear of terrorism. Yeah, sure someone who wants to build one can't really be stopped from finding a guide, but why should it be so easy? I live in South Africa - mining explosives are in abundance, and now and then we hear about some kid who's blown himself or a friend or his hand away trying to mess with this stuff. Would it happen if they had gotten the idea? Even more common occurence - ATM bombing. A guide on how to go about doing it? Fantastic. Just great. Whether or not posting this kind of instructable is right comes down to whether you respect life or not. A detonator is a kind of switch, yes, but with a specific use.
mikey777 years ago
To collard41, So, if people want bad information that is useful for destroying men, women, and children with explosives from a safe distance, in hiding, it does not matter whether you make it easy for them or not? That bad information is already available on the internet, so why not add more? Terrorists do it for the glory of dying for their people and therefore do not want a remote detonator? Show that you actually care and turn on the BBC. On a daily basis all kinds of people are being killed in Iraq by roadside bombs detonated by radios. You have given them one more way to do it. You think that they are too stupid to use the internet and find your instructable? Think again. The worst part of all this is that many young people like yourself, do not realize that the HT 6014 encoder IC you specify is commonly used in garage door openers, car alarms and cordless telephones. Most experts who detonate explosives do not use such such common codes for a radio remote, because there is the real danger that spurious signals (especially with a AM receiver) will set off their explosives while they are hooking them up. In fact, most of them use the two wires and a battery system because it does not rely on sensitive electronic receivers. You and your instructable are a dangerously bad example to young people everywhere and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
collard41 (author)  mikey777 years ago
as i say above, i never made this as a detonator and anyway your the only person who doesnt like this instructable (i think). so i dont care what u think
Mortal1ty7 years ago
Awesome Instructable! I was wondering if it would be possible to use these circuits for an RC car. Rather than having 4 different things detonating, I was thinking that it could control electric motors. I was wondering if this circuit applies a pulse of current when it receives the signal, or if it continues for as long as the button / switch is held. Thanks for any help.
collard41 (author)  Mortal1ty7 years ago
actually i have used this method as a mobile communication module for a PIC microcontroller, sending an 11bit piece of infomation without any wires. it worked really well and this might be a good idea for your car. eg: first 3 bits of the byte to tell the reciever what the byte is (speed, turning or lights) then the other 5 bits to tell it intensities (or direction) of speed (or turning) and then what lights are on (like police lights or headlights or brake lights) this project was very complicated though. but it worked well. i had a controller with a variable sliding potentiometer as the speed, rotary switch for the lights and another sliding pot as the turning.
Graytail7 years ago
Personaly I can think of a couple of uses for this that don't involve blowing things up. I run a gas RC racer, wire something like this up to a cutoff valve and you have an emergency brake should something happen to your main radio gear for a lot less than the commercial ones that detect when it gets out of range of your control. You could use it as a remote trigger to turn on appliances like your PC so it has time to boot before you get there. Oh, heres a good one, how about a remote trigger for outdoor lighting? Turn the lights on from the car when you get home.
JakeTobak7 years ago
If you posted this a week ago and with the part numbers for Radioshack, you would have been a god. None the less, extremely awesome and I'll make sure to have one of these ready for next 4th of July.
collard41 (author)  JakeTobak7 years ago
why a week ago?
So you have enough time to order the parts, build, and test before you set off some mega-huge fireworks on the 4th of July!
what is so good about the 4th of july
The 4th of July is the American holiday to celebrate getting drunk and setting off fireworks. I think it also has something to do with our Independence or something too, but it's mostly about fireworks and drinking.
Well don't let the drunkies find ur fireworks
collard41 (author)  ongissim7 years ago
oh ok. i dont know or am not really interested in the 4th of July because i am English. but anyway i was contemplating doing it for a few weeks
collard41 (author) 7 years ago
i have to say, if you want something so much, you can get anything, so it doesnt really matter whether i put this here, i doubt terrorists use this site, and anyway, any site that imposes terrorist activity will be banned. terrorists also do it for the glory of 'dying for their people' and therefore would not want a remote detonator
Gjdj37 years ago
Really nice job. I'm definitely making one of these for next year. It's a great design and doesn't look too difficult. 5/5 and favorited.
Cool! Looks great! Perfect for today :) Thanks Joe