detonate electronic blasting caps wirelessly

Step 1: Get the Remote

Get a cheap remote controlled car at a dollar general or another cheap store.

Step 2: Open It Up

Open the car and remove the microchip and the battery pack. If the battery pack is built in to the car you might have to make your own. Locate the out put wires(the large ones leading to the motor.)

Step 3: Making It Ready

most remote cars are not powerful enough to detonate so attach the out put to a relay and hook the blasting cap to its own power source.
<p>i need to know of a bomb that can blow up a whole city <br>THE MESSENGER</p>
Consider uranium or plutonium
or the same via trak phone?
wold it work to take apart a walkie and replace the speaker with a christmas tree light and just barly brake the end of the light for a remot bomb
I have made a remote detonator with cheep walkie talkies...same concept kind of, except the leads won't arc with that low voltage. So i used a 12 volt battery and used the leads for the speaker. the only problem is it is too large for things like squibs (which is what i was using it for). connect the two leads to a copper filament wire and put the filament through the explosive, and then talk into the other walkie when you want the "firework" to go off. the copper filament will get hot enough because of the increased amperage and cause the "firework" to detonate.
thanks boss i realy love to know more from you i need you to teach me how to make bombs my email is dreamjobs011@gmail.com
wormwood, explain where the 12 volt goes because when i tried it i put the battery on the end of my speaker leads so it went in a circuit like so. walkie talkie, black wire, battery, another wire, filament, red wire, wakie talkie.. i most likely did this wrong so what can did i do?
Attatch the battery to the battery leads from the walkie (make the wires reeeeeaaaall long, as to not blow the battery up with the explosive). It will only work once because your circuit board will fry (which is basically what you want to happen). Attatch the speaker leads to the two ends of the copper filament. Put the copper filament through the explosive (Gunpowder works well).<br/><br/>Like this: <span class="underline"></span>Red wire<span class="underline">_ c</span><br/> | |o<br/>(+)-----long-------|(+)&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;|--old speaker |p<br/>12v | [Walkie] | leads |p<br/>(-)-----wire-------|(-)<span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span>| / |e<br/> |<span class="underline">_blk wire</span>_|r<br/><br/>Hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else. And be careful, the copper wire may take a bit to get hot enough to ignite anything other than gunpowder.<br/>
or you could use a relay
damn, that diagram went to crap...they must reformat it. Oh well. Basically attatch the battery to the two leads from the walkie for a smaller battery. Then attatch the two leads for the speaker to opposite ends of the filament. and run the filament inbetween the two leads through the expl. the battery and the speaker leads in no way touch each other.
i made a thermite grenade. i'm happy to announce that it was far too large to actually be counted as a grenade:)
oooorrrrrrrr...... you could use nichrome wire.
It works well with steel wool too.
thats how u can set off model rockets -- steel wool works in the same way as estes igniters, just slower unless u pump it through a flash circuit or something like that ...???
hey that's a great idea. Mind posting an instructable?
so your using increased voltage to make it arc? I use nichrome. simple, cheap, interchangeable if one screws up.
well, it is not actually arcing. The increase in voltage and the decrease in resistance causes the amperage to shoot up. basically the copper fillament is burning and igniting the explosive. I havn't used nichrome, but it seems like it would work.
Thanks. come to think about it i did play with some steel wool for a while i jsut never spent alot of time seeing how much i need. good thinking lol
yeah,&nbsp; a few pics would really help.<br /> anyways thnx!
Look for my instructable. It&nbsp;has the same idea but has pictures,circuit diagrams&nbsp;and videos.&nbsp;I use&nbsp;a thick copper wire,&nbsp;and coiled it with a pencil.<br /> Its a nice instructable. We used it last new year.
I use a christmas tree light as the source to ignite my charge. i take the tiny glass bulb and i brake off the tip carefuly so i dont brake the filament. then i just put a little bit of gun power in the glass and stick the whole light bulb in my explosive or i stick the fuse in the gun powder in the broken bulb. then when you put a battery to the leads the filament burns up and ignites the gun powder :)
Flash powder would work better, as you want your ignitor to <em>burn</em> not <em>explode.</em><br/><br/>-PKT<br/>
I do not know why everyone assumes that people who view the instructables do not want to kill people. Some of us DO have "plans" for these ideas...
that was just a little creepy ........
i agree even tho i now how to make this
You need some pics to go with your instructions.
could u add pictures
Im building a project like this. i took the receiver from a remote controlled car. the only problem is that alot of batteries are needed in my instance. i need a 9v plus the 5v rechargable battery that came with the car just to run the relay. (well 4AA batteries work instead of a 9v but they take up less space). then after the relay i need a motorbike battery or somthing to heat my filimant. i use guitar wire unwound. i havnt looked for nicrome. guitar wire is sufficient when using 12v.
go for nichrome, trust me. it works on 9v, but earlier test show that it could be used with even less (early on it worked with a single AA) buy it from unitednuclear.com in 10 foot rolls for about $3 or (even better) spring for a spool of it (takes about 1cm per igniter) I even made an instructable on nichrome igniters, but I'm working on a better way now.
do you know where to get nicrome in canada. united nuclear doesnt order out to canada
hmmmm, no. all that comes to mind is asking tetranitrate, he knows all about that kind of thing. unless you could find a heating element of some kind, certain types of heating elements use it. and some people use jewlery wire. oh, and steel wool WILL work, but it takes some effort to figure out how much you'll need (I'm not so good at that) hmmm. I guess I did knoww some after all
Carefully break open a light bulb and steel the filament.
use fine steel wool
gituar wire.
how about getting a more sophisticated car, that has something like remote controlled lights, or I dunno. so u can move the car (and the bomb sitting on it) before detonation.
where do you get nichrome or bridge wire
Do unitednuclear.com ship to other country's? To be more precise Norway?
This isn't bombs are us, bombs are meant to hurt and kill people this is playing around, true it is dangerous to dink around with explosives but i don't think anyone here wants to kill anyone. If someone wants to lose some bodyparts that's their business i guess.
No dum dum this this IS so u dont blow ur arms off. lol jk ya it is still dangerous
yeah, it's safer to set stuff of with stuff like this
Bombs are also for mining and for demoloshing old buildings. But I don't think it's a good idea to use this detonator for any bomb, regardless of what purpose you're using it for. Also, Bombs are Us went BOOM, so someone has to replace them. Right?
could also get a cheap cell phone (might want to get insurance on it), pull the speaker out and connect the wires that used to go to the speaker to a blasting cap (via a relay/transistor and battery if need higher voltage). Then give it a ring.
That wouldn't work. Speakers take AC, so the phone will send AC to the speaker. Relays require DC, and I think tranksistors do too.
battery is dc ..
Correct. I never said anything otherwise. The phone will generate AC for the speaker, because speakers need AC. You could use an AC relay, but those are usually designed for 120V 60Hz AC, not low-voltage audio-frequency AC.
its not AC, but pulsed DC. if you use a capacitor to smooth the signal out, and hook it to a darlington pair. then hook the darlington pair to a relay and you have yourself a detonator!
OR. hook the buzzer wires to a latching circuit(yes they exist, I've built them) and when it recieves a pulsed signal, it will turn the relay on permenantly. make sure the latchnig circuit has seperate on and off switches otherwise it wont work right.
If the cap in question could detonate on a low voltage (IE no relay needed) this would work.
you would have to shut off sound for just about everything like a low battery .ex, you dont want it blowin up at a random time

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