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Hello everyone this is my first instructable. I did it with my cousin, he was very helpful to make this project. Now, I'm going to explain how to make remote door for a cage. I have a canary and this project for its cage. With this project it is easier to open or close the door of cage. Especially if the cage is in a high place and it is hard to reach it, this project make it easier. You can open its door wherever you want with only button, and when he go back to the cage you can close it. It is very convenient when I use at the home. This is very simple version of the project. I'm going to write about how can you improve it. Let's start!


*Arduino Uno

*IC 2262/2272 4 CH 315Mhz Key Wireless Remote Control Kit (I bought it on Aliexpress)

*9gr Micro Servo ( I used Towerpro)

*Proto Shield with mini bread board ( you don't have to get it, but it is convenient)

* some jumper cables

To buy the whole things I mention above, you can use

Step 1: Connecting Parts With Arduino

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First of all I connected proto shield with arduino. Then , continue with the servo. I have towerpro 9gr micro, and it has 3 cables which are in different colours. Connection of the servo should be like this ==> orange=digital pin(I connected it pin 11 on arduino) , red=5V , brown=ground ( you can see at the picture).

After that, remote control kit should be connected. It has 7 different pins, but we don't connect all of these. As you know "5V" goes to VCC and "GND" goes to ground. Except these, we have 5 pins, but we just connect 2 of them . First one is for opening and other one is for closing. D0(for closing) goes to pin 7, and D1(for opening) goes to pin 3. Now we finished connectings. We can continue with programming arduino.

Step 2: Programming Arduino

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Now, we should program arduino with arduino software(IDE). I connected arduino with my laptop. The code is here bottom of the page. You can use it or you can do yourself. Just download the code and upload on arduino.

Step 3: Connecting Servo With the Door of the Cage

Picture of Connecting Servo With the Door of the Cage

This is the last step, and it is very easy. I connected it with some cables (you can see at the photo) or you can use hot pistol to attach to the cage. The important thing is strength of connection. Then, I attach a pin on the servo to lift the door. I just put the pin on the servo's hole, but you can use some glue to make it strong. In addition, I connected door to the cage with a small cable because servo couldn't lift it. This small cable is like a hinge, it keeps bottom of the door, so servo can move the door. These things can change from cage to cage so you should arrange them for your cage.

I added a video for you if you want to watch it, you can download it.

Also, you can add some sensors to improve this project ( for example PIR sensor or clock module) then you can arrange it to open whenever you want. Maybe in the morning while you are sleeping, your bird is free in the house and when the bird go back to the cage it closes itself. If I have enough time and these sensors I will be able to add these project.

If you have any problem just send me, I will try to help you

Thanks for stopping by!


Tech Works (author)2016-04-23

Its a great project but in the video you said to open press button "B" and to close press same but to close to pressed "A". It is not my concern. Can we write a code in which same button is used to close and open the cage door.

arc04 (author)Tech Works2016-04-24

Of course we can do that. I have used that remote just for opening and closing so I had enough buttons to separate opening and closing, however in arduino code, you can use Boolean to make it only one button. You press the button , it will open then if you press the same button it closes. If you want I can show you the code for this

Tech Works (author)arc042016-04-26

No, thanks for your offer but I already made one for this after sending you this query. But I want to know what is your device range because mine device is giving around 15cm.

arc04 (author)Tech Works2016-04-27

İt shouldn't be 15 cm. Something may be wrong with yours. I am living in a triple and I can remote it at every floor (mine is at middle floor) which means its range is about 100m or more also I haven't tried it outside of the house. I believe it also works outside of my house

Tech Works (author)arc042016-04-27

thanks this means the supplier sent damaged peace to me..

Tech Works (author)2016-04-24

And I want to know what is its range..

Ahmedasma360 (author)2015-04-10

I love it!
I used to have pet birds.

arc04 (author)Ahmedasma3602015-04-11

Thanks! If you think about having a pet bird again. I recommend you to make this project.

ashleyjlong (author)2015-04-01

Great execution! Do you ever worry about the bird picking at the wires? I'm thinking about that orange one laying closest to the surface of the bars. Maybe not so much a concern with canaries, but worth a caution for someone who has a parrot!

arc04 (author)ashleyjlong2015-04-02

First of all thank you for your comment.
You are right about the parrots. They might harm to the cables, but this project more appropriate for small birds such as canaries or budgies. If you have a parrot you should make a case for arduino. In addition, this servo might not be able to lift parrot's weight, so you should strengthen it.

ashleyjlong (author)arc042015-04-02

Good to know --thanks for the answer! Canaries were a lot of fun when I had them as a kid. I hope to have one again someday!

tomatoskins (author)2015-04-01

This looks and works great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! Great first instructable.

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