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In this Instructable, I will detail how to use various sensors and items with an internet connected Arduino. In my opinion, this was a very fun project to put together and tinker with! Plus, I got to brush up on my HTML and Java (albeit, it was pretty basic stuff while making this project, there's nothing more refreshing than getting back to basics!). Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, I will not be covering the SD portion of the Ethernet Shield. That's for next time :)

This project assumes that one has some working knowledge of basic HTML/Java, programming an Arduino, and working with various sensors. I will cover and detail as much as I can, as well as provide the sketch at the end of this tutorial.


We will program the Arduino to serve up a webpage that displays information about two sensors (LM35 Temperature Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor) and allows one to toggle an LED on and off, as well as adjust the angle of a Servo Motor.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

For this project you will need -

-Arduino Uno
-Arduino Ethernet Shield
-PIR Motion Sensor
-LM35 Analog Temperature Sensor
-Servo Motor
-Jumper Wires
-Ethernet Cable

As far as software goes, the Arduino IDE should be the only one you should use. Now, to build a webpage to serve up, you will need to have a basic to intermediate knowledge of HTML. If there is one place I know to gain a good understanding of HTML (and Java, consequently) it's http://www.pageresource.com. That was and is my go to resource for making webpages. I was introduced to that page back in high school, and have referred to it since. A vast wealth of information there!

If you already have a good understanding of HTML and Java, you can move on :)
<p>hi,</p><p>i managed to get the above project working at home. i can put off and on through laptop and my android phone using the address. but when try to access from outside home the html page doesn't show up. the forwarding port is defined in the sketch and also i did the telnet on windows. what more should i do to get this work this from other than home? pl help.</p>
<p>Nice explanation. I have worked on Arduino uno for doing basic projects. Now i have interface Arduino Uno with ESP 8266 wifi module and 16*2 LCD. Now i want to send text from webpage that is i have a text box in webpage and submit button. When i type text in text box and click submit button,the text should appear on LCD. Any idea about both Html part and arduino part .</p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>Thank you very very much</p>
<p>Java and JavaScript are completely different languages. The confusion is understandable as JavaScript was originally named to confuse people and piggy back off the marketing done for Java at the time JavaScript was launched.</p>
<p>Wonderfull!!! This is simple and a really interesting base for future project!</p><p>Good job!</p><p>P.S. the first balise in your HTML code should be changed to &quot;HTML&quot; instead of &quot;HMTL&quot;...</p>
<p>hi. my ethernet shield is not able to communicate with my LAN. I have uploaded your program to my Arduino, having the mac and IP addresses conforming with my network. I still can't access the webserver. :( please help. it always says that the webpage is not available.</p>
<p>hi i made this awesome project but the thing i want to know that i made 6 more buttons with this for other devices and i made tables for othe purpose please tell me devices are working but servo doesnot work even if i enter the servo code to activate the servo hte devices also stay idle and on any press nothing works what is this how many buttons can be here so they can work any help?? please</p>
<p>i actualy want to know how did you get this access.when i type ip i did not find webpage kindly instruct me to actual command which i have to follow </p>
<p>kindly tell me what are the steps for webserver making i mean i downloaded ur file for sketch and also i saved html page with coding but now tell me what to do next to upload it on net so it can communicate with the arduino thank u</p>
<p>impressive project (Y)...really enjoyed making as weekend project.<br>can you please help how to monitor ECG/EKG using this?<br>thanks in advance</p>
<p>why you use formula x5x100x1024?? what value is it? thank you</p>
Brilliant. I want to use Arduino Ethernet to control the LED by telephone, if I use the Arduino Ethernet as the websever, how can I transfer the state of buttons on telephone to Arduino?
I like it , made something similar using Android and Arduino called X10Domuino. <br>It uses X10 and RF and Infrared with a single Arduino connected to Ethernet <br>Regards <br>Philip
Great to see you diving into this. I&rsquo;m doing something similar for myself but using a spare laptop to connect to an Arduino. It&rsquo;s running a local NodeJS server that is also connected to another cloud NodeJS server. These can communicate to one another and I can then monitor and control everything in real time. My plans are to add full voice recognition through the browser on multiple devices through Chrome&rsquo;s voiceRecognitionServer protocol as well as it&rsquo;s speech synthesis. Keep us updated on what other elements you add to your project.

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