video Remote Ignition System: Camera Flash Method
This is an instructable to help you make yourself one of these babies. Charge the capacitor and flip a switch for it to discharge 300V of electricity from 1 AA battery through some steel wool for a nice spark and endless pyro-activities. Have fun, stay safe, enjoy! Watch the end for results!
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funkymunky7 years ago
i dont get the part where i have to sauder things
its spelled solder and pronounced like soder
Thats spelled with capitals and full stops. Mr know-it-all!
I know how to spell i was just telling him and besides i copied it right of the package for it so now what
Still... No capitals.
lmao! youre right /funny!
Spelt: Solder
Pronounced: (America - [saw-der]) (Everwere else (Including England and aparently Australia) - [sol-der])

lol look at the reply after reply and now i added on to it! SOMEONE REPLY SO ITS A BIGGER PYRAMID
 in australia we spell and say it as solder lol makes much more sense, now i know why people keep writing sauder
Its = Possessive (it has)
It's = Contraction (it is)

as long as we're being grammar nazis ;)
skelly74475 years ago
steel wool not needed just the spark ignites most every thing
but you wouldn't get an electrical arc from 300V. you need the steel wool because its high resistance makes it get really hot, but you can't actually produce a spark with such low voltages
sjoobbani5 years ago
Wouldn't it be better if you had reversed the switches, so that the Toggle would arm, and the pushbutton would fire?
napalm0085 years ago
Does this actually work, if so then i am seriously considering making this.
adam-rawrrr5 years ago
where did you get the wire connectors from?
sas2235 years ago
 if i,am  using two 9 volts in series do i still need the capacitor? thx in advance
milamber6 years ago
dude swap the push buton and the switch so u press to fire much cooler and less holding
pdub77 milamber6 years ago
I gotta go with milamber on this one. Flip the toggle on to close the circuit and charge the cap, then press the momentary switch to dump it. I did this with a coil gun I was working on. Nice video, btw, but it is hard to hear your voice over the tunes. Good work, though.
zach126 years ago
do you need to attach steel wool or can i just put the electrodes closer together. I wanted to use this on my spud gun.
Make a voltage multiplier using one charging circuit and some diodes and capacitors off of camera circuit boards so that you have a nice good spark coming off of it to ignite it without steel wool or anything else for that matter.
bballchamp1 (author)  zach126 years ago
steel wool helps a bigger spark, smaller the steel wool piece accross the leads the better. I haven't tried putting them close together to create a spark gap but you could experiment with it and see what result you get.
ilias6 years ago
the 300 volts can hurt you badly?
Miel-jean ilias6 years ago
Volts don't directly cause the pain... it's the combination of volts and amps that hurts a lot. The thingo that causes the spark in an electric lighter (piezo-thingo) can actually generate up to 20 kV! doesn't hurt too bad though...
imkwl123456 years ago
um... u only kneed 9v too ignite steel wool... not 300
bballchamp1 (author)  imkwl123456 years ago
The idea was to have some fun, not make gradeschool circuit.
hey chill all im sayin is u dont kneed to go buy urself a camera
You BUY your cameras?
bballchamp1 (author)  omnibot6 years ago
Was that a rhetorical question?... (always better to answer a pointless question with another pointless question)
Yes ;)
Ha Ha Ha I get all my cameras for free. I just go to the photo department of my local grocery store and tell them I need a few used disposable cameras for a "science project" and vola, free cameras. they just throw them out any way so they will give them to you for free.
did i say i brought any cameras? dumass... anyway what do u do... flog them?
No, you're right. I must've been to tired and missed that. Sry I usually just drop by a photoshop on my way home or buy used flashes on ebay, much worse caps *muah ha ha*
this ways better and faster
tehpwnz0r6 years ago
please do this again but don't use the music because it's extremely hard to hear especially when your vocal instructions are then only thing we're paying attention to. very nice tho (: and make a step by step instructable too, damn you (:
bballchamp1 (author)  tehpwnz0r6 years ago
sorry i've been quite busy with school. If i get the time I'll be making something up. Also the website is back in production as it never got off the ground. Give it a week and the site should be up with a .com domain instead of ca. The site will have a full instructable too and will copy it over here as well.
fantastic. thank you
mikedoth7 years ago
I'm still learning electronics but I have a question. How can a capacitor go up to 300v if the input is only 1.5v? I thought it could only go up to the input voltage. Does this use a toriod?
bballchamp1 (author)  mikedoth7 years ago
This is something i read but the capacitor holds the charge.. its builds up inside until it is full... all collected from the battery. When you discharge, all the stored voltage comes out. Thats why its a heck of a lot more than just your 1.5V battery's charge.
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