Remote Security W/ Skype





Introduction: Remote Security W/ Skype


Now that I'm in a dorm I have to be more careful with my possessions. I thought it would be great if there was an easy way to use my web cam to look over my room when I'm not around. I found a forum online containing the instructions that I am going to use now, and I added some helpful tips.

Step 1: Download Skype

You need to download 2 copies of skype, one on the computer with the webcam in your room, and another on whatever system you will be using to watch the video. I used my laptop to access the camera, and since my entire school is giant wireless hotspot, I can watch my room on my laptop from math class.

Create 2 separate accounts for each computer.

Step 2: Change Settings

On the computer with the webcam, you need to go to tools> options> advanced> and check off automatically answer incomming calls.


tools> options> video> check start video automatically and only from people in my contact list.

On the comptuer you will use to check in, open the skype account, and call the account on the computer with the webcam. On the comptuer with the webcam save the caller in contacts.

Step 3: Masking the Webcam LED

Since most webcams have a LED indicating when they are on, you would want to cover it up. It can be as easy as stuffing a piece of black paper over it, or just drawing on it with a sharpie.

Because the sharpie wouldent hold on the plastic, I stuffed a small piece of tissue over it and soaked it with the black ink. It held and now the light is completely blocked.

Step 4: Final Product

In the picture you can see the video in the skype window on my laptop. Now I can check on my room even when I go back to Queens.



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    What is Srial pro webcam skype

    I am thinking I could use an old laptop to view my front door via web cam and skype.

    Thanks. With divorced parents and a mom wanting foster kids I have to be careful with my stuff. And now most computers have webcams. Plus u can buy USB extension cords

    WOW, a wonderful project, thank you very much for sharing.
    This is one of my top priority projects at the moment.

    I found Yawcam to be the best to use for security reasons, I use it at home and it works with you wireless router and IP address so you dont have to have skype just look at it from anything with internet.

    Or if you have an iphone or ipod touch (you need wifi for the touch but edge, 3g or wifi will work with the iphone), you can get the app 'icam' and then download the program for your computer. It lets you get on and you can see whats going on. I might make an instructable of it.

    you can also use yahoo messenger or any kind of chat messenger with webcam or call support. Mine I use yahoo messenger to monitor my home via internet when Im in the office at night, just be sure your computer at home is not set to trigger standby or sleep mode.

    What if whoever just swipes your computer? I don't know about you, but other than my textbooks, my comp is the most expensive thing in my dorm room.

    Then you should set it up to record somehow, and you will have evidence of who did it.


    Only if you get the computer back...