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Introduction: Remote Window (ventana Remota)

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Como conté en mi anterior instructable, estoy mudándome a mi nuevo pequeño taller en el fondo de mi casa. Uno de los detalles que encontré fue que la ventana del altillo queda fuera de mi alcance, salvo que suba por la escalera. Dado que todavía no le he hecho un alero, tengo que tener cuidado de que esté cerrada cuando llueve desde el oeste, porque si no, el agua entra en gran cantidad. Acá en el hemisferio sur empezó el calor, lo que significa que no puedo mantener las ventanas cerradas durante el día.

Así que decidí hacer un mecanismo sencillo que me permita abrir y cerrar la ventana del altillo desde la planta baja.

Cada foto tiene su explicación.

Video en Youtube (todavía no le había agregado el mango)

As told in my previous instructable, I'm by moving to my new small workshop in the back of my house. One of the things I found was that the window of the attic is beyond my scope, unless I go up the ladder. As yet I have not had an eaves, I have to be careful that is closed when it rains from the west, because if not, the water comes in large quantities. Here in the Southern Hemisphere began the heat, which means I can not keep the windows closed during the day.

So I decided to make a simple mechanism that allows me to open and close the window from the ground floor.

Each photo has an explanation.

Video on Youtube (not yet handgrip had been added)



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    Gracias, fabricador. Voy a tener que hacerle una modificación porque la palanca esa me ocupa justo el medio del lugar donde tendría que poner un tablero de herramientas. Posiblemente lo pueda hacer girándolo 180 grados y alargando la varilla horizintal.

    (Thank maker. I'll have to make a change because that lever takes me just where the middle of a wall where I would have to put a tools board. Maybe I can do it by turning 180 degrees and extending the horizontal rod).

    Sure, all things can be improved. I take care of the cost / benefit relation. Thanks for comment, Ahmedqatar.

    Idea muy inteligente. Estoy seguro de que disfrutará de su taller como disfruto de minas.

    (Very clever idea. I know you will enjoy your work shop as much as I enjoy mine.)

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    Thanks very much, RangerJ.

    Warning, the automatic translators are very good but one must take with pliers the result. You say "...disfrutará de su taller como disfruto de minas.", that means " will enjoy your work shop as much as I enjoy sluts" or also " will enjoy your work shop as much as you enjoyed sluts".

    I am sure that many wars were due to bad translators.

    I think he meant: Idea muy inteligente. Estoy seguro de que disfrutará de su tan como asi yo disfruto mio.

    Good gosh! I think I will give up on the automatic translation.

    That works really well, much better than a ladder.

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    Love your invention! Nice shop! Thanks for sharing rimar2000!

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    Thanks, Sylvia!

    Really it is not MY invention, is my application of a very old mechanism. The workshop is not large, but is enough for my needs. I would like to have a large warehouse, but I have not neither a big backyard nor enough money to buy one.

    You used a bell crank mechanism to change the direction of force. I thought you might like to know the name of what you did in English.

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    Thanks, Phil! That mechanism is very useful and very common. I use it also in the latch of my lift-up ladder.

    OK I have to ask, if the window is that high up why do you have bars on it? Also wouldn't an awning be a good idea? Sharp mechanical contraption though.

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    You are clever, Fred! Both windows have bars because they are standard. I buyed them new and very cheap, less 100 US Dollars each. They are 120 x 110 x 10 cm, in white painted aluminum, with included glasses and solid steel gratings.

    An awning can be a good idea, but I am thinking of 6mm alveolar polycarbonate mounted on a ligth iron tube frame. It is a little more expensive but lasts more time without maintenance.