This instructable shows you how everybody can create really cool graffiti works.
You can make them on the floor or on paper, whatever you like, just by controlling a remote-control car.

You'll have much fun and it's really easy!

You can see the results from my experiments here:

Hope you enjoy it!


Willem de Kooning Academie, Netherlands


the make class!

Step 1: Materials

This is the stuff you need:

- A remote-control car! Probably everybody has one from the days you were young...it doesn't have to be a big and powerfull one, but it should be able to carry between 200 and 400 grams.
Make sure you also got the batteries!

- Paint!

- Ducktape

- some matches

- one or more small plastic drinking bottles! depends on how many different colours of paint you want to use.
i want to do this on a street for street art. try to write stuff with it. maybe sit in an upstairs palce or hide in the shadows then drive it out in city streets and see what people do. nice idea, although the paint jat system could be refined a bit.
This is really funny that i stumbled upon this today of all days<br /> because i just had a crit in my drawing class for a project i did with paint and markers controlled by an rc car.<br /> but mine was more of an instalation for a week to let people do it<br /> also the car was controlled by an old DDR mat<br /> but the result is semi similar<br /> weirdd<br />
vidoe doesn't work otherwise, great instructable
Art is weird. Nice job!
i never understood how people think splattered paint is art. no offense, but i never understood that.
Nice, good job
Haha very good idea !! I bet somebody would pay alot of money for that art if you were a famous artist :D
I was just wondering how much one of those stretched and framed would go for.

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