Introduction: Remote Control in a 944

Here I show how to install a remote for iPod w/Dock-connector in a Porsche 944 (2nd Gen.,the ones w/the oval Dashboard.
iPod is connected via FM-transmitter and hid (when in car) in center armrest.
My wife does not like all the music I like,i.e. Country.
So I decided to install a remote in case she might want to skip to next Song. I must concentrate on the road, not look for Songs or argue w/my sweety.

I bought some of this foam products but don t remember the name.
I cut out the right form to fit the iPod and hold the transmitter.
But his tutorial is onlyabout the remote(sorry for the dirt)
But now to list.
You ll need:

*glue (the best these heated glues)
*Porsche 944

Step 1: Getting Out Console

Get to the car.

Remove the radio.

Remove the ashtray.

Remove the armrest by unscrewing the 2 bigger screws at the end of it and the 2 small ones where the ashtray was.

Remove the console with its switches by unscrewing the 2 screws near ashtray and 2 near Radio.
Disconnect the switches.

Leave car ;-)

Step 2: Cutting the Hole

Get to your room, take out the cover of switch.

Measure the remote s head and cut out alike.
Mine I got for 10 Bucks in germany at

Step 3: Install

Use glue to connect remote and make it stay.
Let dry, then go to car again.

Step 4: Finish

Hide cable under console and armrest, make sure the end of cable is at the end of armrest.
Put everything 2gether and enjoy.

It should look like this:


abadfart made it! (author)2009-05-29

dose it charge to??

Holy_Simon made it! (author)Holy_Simon2009-06-02

No, does not. But with the iPod touch there is no need :-)

ChaoBreeder made it! (author)2009-06-02

Ah, good to see another 944 owner. Mine is a Black 944.

Holy_Simon made it! (author)Holy_Simon2009-06-02

Welcome. I own mine more than 11 years. Still feels freedom :-)

Andrew546 made it! (author)2007-05-23

Damn, I thought you were going to show how to rig the car itself for remote driving. That would be sweet. A little scary, but sweet.

Holy_Simon made it! (author)Holy_Simon2007-05-23

Remote driving? Its a Porsche, not a black Trans AM, hihi ;-)

abadfart made it! (author)abadfart2009-05-29

lol go kit

Yerboogieman made it! (author)Yerboogieman2008-02-05

Ryan Dunn's black Trans Am on MTV?

sadunpererarules made it! (author)sadunpererarules2008-09-26

think he was talking bowt knight rider. then again, im not good at picking up sarcasm online.haha

cboy2us made it! (author)2008-10-23

good modification!

hondagofast made it! (author)2007-07-13

Your lucky and have a Porsche. I am not lucky, I have a 92 Honda with 235000 miles.

Yerboogieman made it! (author)Yerboogieman2008-02-05

thats nothing, 89' Toyota corolla STATION WAGON with 306826 miles on it, same stock engine, still works, lmao

hondagofast made it! (author)hondagofast2008-02-05

Mine has the same stock engine, but a broken clutch... :-P The fluid reservoir exploded when I was moving the car once. Hydraulic fluid was all over the inside of the engine bay...

Yerboogieman made it! (author)Yerboogieman2008-02-05

that sucks, the timing is off on my corolla and thats about it, i installed a 3000 watt soundstream Rubicon 405 amplifier, 4 diamond audio crossovers, 4 diamond audio speakers, 4 100 watt tweeters, 2 700 watt kicker 12" subwoofers and an alpine deck

Derin made it! (author)Derin2008-06-22

vw rules

sadunpererarules made it! (author)sadunpererarules2008-09-26

i dont have a car....awwwwww,

Holy_Simon made it! (author)Holy_Simon2007-07-14

Well,Im not too lucky. An old neighbour of mine crashed into my left fender while Porsche was parked.
That guy don´t wanna pay, so I`ll have to wait til my lawyer gets it right...
By the way, my car has covered more than 400.000 km

Esmagamus made it! (author)Esmagamus2008-08-24

So what? My brother's Citroen ZX has covered 380 000 km and didn't cost a tenth of that.

Derin made it! (author)2008-06-22

i like bad boys and i like joystik "gear lever"

rerat made it! (author)2007-05-23

Hah, raise your hand if you have a porsche! ..... .... ... .. . I hate FM transmitters.

Holy_Simon made it! (author)Holy_Simon2007-05-23

That is fine w/me.

Holy_Simon made it! (author)2007-05-23

Only a few pics. If anyone does the same, could you please contact me via email: simon. kloeter (at) mac. com THX