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Introduction: Remote Control in a 944

Here I show how to install a remote for iPod w/Dock-connector in a Porsche 944 (2nd Gen.,the ones w/the oval Dashboard.
iPod is connected via FM-transmitter and hid (when in car) in center armrest.
My wife does not like all the music I like,i.e. Country.
So I decided to install a remote in case she might want to skip to next Song. I must concentrate on the road, not look for Songs or argue w/my sweety.

I bought some of this foam products but don t remember the name.
I cut out the right form to fit the iPod and hold the transmitter.
But his tutorial is onlyabout the remote(sorry for the dirt)
But now to list.
You ll need:

*glue (the best these heated glues)
*Porsche 944

Step 1: Getting Out Console

Get to the car.

Remove the radio.

Remove the ashtray.

Remove the armrest by unscrewing the 2 bigger screws at the end of it and the 2 small ones where the ashtray was.

Remove the console with its switches by unscrewing the 2 screws near ashtray and 2 near Radio.
Disconnect the switches.

Leave car ;-)

Step 2: Cutting the Hole

Get to your room, take out the cover of switch.

Measure the remote s head and cut out alike.
Mine I got for 10 Bucks in germany at

Step 3: Install

Use glue to connect remote and make it stay.
Let dry, then go to car again.

Step 4: Finish

Hide cable under console and armrest, make sure the end of cable is at the end of armrest.
Put everything 2gether and enjoy.

It should look like this:



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    No, does not. But with the iPod touch there is no need :-)

    Ah, good to see another 944 owner. Mine is a Black 944.

    1 reply

    Welcome. I own mine more than 11 years. Still feels freedom :-)

    Damn, I thought you were going to show how to rig the car itself for remote driving. That would be sweet. A little scary, but sweet.

    4 replies

    Remote driving? Its a Porsche, not a black Trans AM, hihi ;-)

    Ryan Dunn's black Trans Am on MTV?

    think he was talking bowt knight rider. then again, im not good at picking up sarcasm online.haha

    good modification!

    Your lucky and have a Porsche. I am not lucky, I have a 92 Honda with 235000 miles.

    7 replies

    thats nothing, 89' Toyota corolla STATION WAGON with 306826 miles on it, same stock engine, still works, lmao

    Mine has the same stock engine, but a broken clutch... :-P The fluid reservoir exploded when I was moving the car once. Hydraulic fluid was all over the inside of the engine bay...

    that sucks, the timing is off on my corolla and thats about it, i installed a 3000 watt soundstream Rubicon 405 amplifier, 4 diamond audio crossovers, 4 diamond audio speakers, 4 100 watt tweeters, 2 700 watt kicker 12" subwoofers and an alpine deck

    vw rules


    Well,Im not too lucky. An old neighbour of mine crashed into my left fender while Porsche was parked.
    That guy don´t wanna pay, so I`ll have to wait til my lawyer gets it right...
    By the way, my car has covered more than 400.000 km

    So what? My brother's Citroen ZX has covered 380 000 km and didn't cost a tenth of that.

    i like bad boys and i like joystik "gear lever"

    Hah, raise your hand if you have a porsche! ..... .... ... .. . I hate FM transmitters.