Introduction: Remote Control School Bell

Picture of Remote Control School Bell
What you'll need:
- a wireless doorbell
- 1 x transistor (like bc547)
- 1 x relay
- 1 x 1K resistor

- some solder
- a soldering iron
- ....

Step 1: How It Works

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When you push the button
=> The remote sends a signal.
=> The doorbell receives  the signal and makes a pin high in an IC on the PCB.
=> That pin TRIGGERS the sound controller.
=> The sound controller sends a signal to a speaker.
=> The speaker makes an annoying sound.

When you push the button: 
=> The remote sends a signal.
=> The doorbell receives the signal and makes a pin high in an IC on the PCB.
=> That pin TRIGGERS our new circuit.
(the transistor lets a current flow so the relay can switch on).
=> The relay switches on and lets a current flow trough the school bell.
=> The school bell rings "tringggg!!!!!!!!!!!! ".
=> And you can leave the class :D

Step 2: How to Find the Trigger Pin

Picture of How to Find the Trigger Pin

Use the flowchart

Step 3: Making the Circuit

Picture of Making the Circuit

V+ is connected to the positive lead on the battery-pack of the doorbell.
GND is connected to the negative lead on the battery-pack of the doorbell.
is connected to the triggering pin of the doorbell.

G5-8 = are normal battery's 
R1 = 1KOhm
D1 = A normal diode like 1n4007 or 1n4004
K1 = NO relay 5V
T1 = A standard transistor like BC547 

Step 4: Testing

Picture of Testing
When the school bell is not connected you can hear the relay switching when you push the button.
And when everything is connected the bell will start ringing when you push the button till you lose the button.


mvan de wynckel (author)2011-04-04

Echt lachen, toen de fake bell ging,,

heej kzie da je nederlands spreekt ^^ ik snap het niet zo goed zou jij het mij in het nederlands willen uitleggen?

geo bruce (author)jwollanders2011-08-03

wat begrijp je niet? ik spreek ook nederlands :P

commodore12 (author)2011-08-02

STOP! I can´t understand... why your said "NO RELAY 5V"?
Did you can put a picture of the PCB? `cos .. i dont understand how put the components :D PLS!! :D

geo bruce (author)commodore122011-08-02

it doesn't make sense how you put the components on the pcb just make the right circuit

geo bruce (author)commodore122011-08-02

NO RELAY = Normal Open RELAY

geo bruce (author)2011-04-04


geo bruce (author)2011-04-04


bwhatsittoya (author)2011-04-04

nice !!!

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