have you ever thought that there are things you could give someone for christmas which would bring far more of a smile to your face than to theirs. this is one of those things!  simply explained it is an electric shocker( similar to the one in a previous instructable of mine ) which is remotely controlled by hidden buttons in your clothing, the shocker system is taken from a disposable camera and somewhat modified, the control system from a cheap remote control car.
i now strongly suggest that if you want to finish this project in time to use it then I ought to get on to details of how it is done.

WARNING: as you probably gathered this system uses electrical shocks, the current must be kept extremely low and the voltage used to power the shocker unit should not exceed 1.5 v  . as this is remotely controlled there is no excuse for shocking someone in such a way that the current would pass through their heart or other vital organs/ nerves. i take no responsibility for what you use this for. 


To construct the remote controlled shocker you will need:
1 disposable camera
AA batteries
tin foil
a project box to house it
a push to make locking switch
a remote control car ( it only needs the forwards function)
the remote for that car
wide ribbon
a housing for two AA batteries in series
It's called aluminum foil
in britain they sometimes sell it with the name &quot;tin foil&quot; despite being made of aluminium. <br>did you find my instructable useful?

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