Here’s what you’ll need for affordable remote monitoring of your windows in your home, office, or anywhere else:

- Valarm Pro installed on an Android device (dedicated device recommended, such as Sony Xperia U ST25)
- Yoctopuce Yocto-Knob sensor (Valarm compatible sensors are available at shop.valarm.net)
- A magnet switch for each window (up to 5 per Yocto-Knob sensor)

Step 1: Connect the dots: phone / tablet + sensor

Connect your phone or tablet with the Yocto-Knob using a USB OTG cable. Use the lead wire(s) and ground wire to connect the Yocto-Knob to the magnet switch (alligator clips used in demo picture). The magnet switch will be attached to a window after Valarm app configuration.

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Bio: I like mobile sensors, remote environmental monitoring, mobile data acquisition, and asset / fleet tracking with commodity hardware anyone can use!
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