This system is designed for bedside (or couch-side) situations where you have a nearby side wall. It also requires that you know exactly how high you want your iPad to float in front of you. I installed mine at slightly above eye level when sitting up in bed (as it can pivot downwards). It's still low enough that I can block the lower edge of the iPad with my bent knees for doing on-screen gestures.

Sold my iPad. This is now for sale!

eBay- iPad Cradle Holder Hardware
Can you tell me where you got the hardware? I went to Lowes looking for the swivel ball nut (if that's what it is called) and the lock ring, and they looked at me like I was nuts. Thanks.
<p>I'll sell it to you. Click the above eBay link.</p>
Impressed with this design!! I just ordered 2 units!! One for home &amp; One for our cabin. <br>
It would be nice if in your desired resting in bed position you could have the swing arm &quot;Lock in&quot; so pushing the screen wouldn't push away the ipad. <br>Then to &quot;Unlock&quot; it you could lift the arm and push it away for sleepy time goodness.
Maybe a draw-down stabilizing arm from above headboard? <br> <br>Or unfolding extenders that come off the pivoting arm? <br> <br>How about bedside anchors and guy wires? <br> <br>Or best yet &acirc;€” hydraulically dampened hinges at the wall with programmable detentes? <br> <br>Just kidding. Of course it can get much more sophisticated with more features, more functionality... more things that can go wrong&acirc;€&brvbar;
Nice! <br>If you could find a second ball+ socket for the wood end of things, then you could adjust it up-down, right-left. <br> <br>Is such a ball+ socket available on it's own?
Not sure what you mean.<br> <br> The direction of adjustment that's lacking, admittedly, is up-down. But that's big up and big down. It's lacking if you're sometimes 5 feet tall, sometimes 7 feet tall. The cradle already pivots a little up, a little down. I think adding vertical pivot at the wall is unnecessary.<br> <br> Now, to get TWO viewing spots on the bed like husband and wife, it's another issue altogether. Currently the way I have it, the iPad is in the middle. It's like a tiny shared flat screen TV, which it actually is when running apps of TV shows or movies. &nbsp;;-)
The ball socket is at one end of a bolt about 4&quot; long. I was thinkin that if, rather than a bolt rigidly fixed at 90 deg to the 2x4, that if the bolt was attached to the lumber with a second ball joint, Then you gain more flexibility.
Yes. If more pivoting is desired, a second ball joint can be added. But there are benefits in having rigidity, *just enough* pivoting, and keeping everything simple.<br> <br> You might be thinking of something like:<br> <a href="http://www.rammount.com/CatalogResults/PartDetails/tabid/63/partid/082065077045066045050051048085/Default.aspx" rel="nofollow">Double Ball Adapter</a> (and/or their double socket arm).<br>
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HA!&nbsp;Yeah I looked at that awkward pillow in my research prior to my own solution here made for under $5.<br> <br> The problem with anything that sits on the bed, obviously, is the space you need on your bed to place it! Even then, it's not directly in front of you at eye level. So then what -- plop that huge pillow on your knees?! Then where to put your BT keyboard?<br> <br> LOL<br> <br> Awkward at best. And expensive!
I'm always wondering if the arm of a drafting table lamp could support an Ipad? I imagine it could, and wanted make something like that, but the to this, I know of a way now to mount it! Hmmmm. <br>Great Job!
In my estimation, a drafting table lamp (the type that has articulating segments with springs?) might not be balanced or calibrated for the iPad's weight. Maybe it's just a matter of replacing those springs with bigger heftier springs (which then mean you'd be searching for springs that fit). Or maybe perfect match. I don't know. I have seen them modified for the iPad. Not sure how effective. <br> <br>For my own needs, I also think about dusting and storage... aside from just the visual appearance of a mechanical contraption. <br> <br>Thanks for the comment.
I love this, even though I don't own an ipad.
Thank you for the nice comment!
D'oh!<br /> Brandon B. from <u>Standzout</u> tells me that the foam ring is meant to be placed in front (centered over the logo) -- not the back! He said it's designed to absorb the extra space and makes the iPad fit tighter. Well I'll be darn!<br /> <br /> Anyway, sometimes I use the cradle as a one-handed mobile holder. So the ring in back cushions my knuckles. Maybe I don't need the cushion. Maybe I'll try putting the ring in front.

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