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I have recently started infusing sprits to make flavoured liqueurs. I decided that I should make the bottles match the new flavours in some way, with most this will only require some simple glass etching (using my fantastic Dremel, Thank you Instructables!). Currently however I have a ginger infused vodka maturing in a cold dark place, I could not think of a cool way to represent this on the bottle, but for some reason the blend brings Dragons to mind. Rather than etching Dragons onto the bottle I thought I would make a bottle that looks like it is wrapped in dragon skin.

I looked but couldn't find an 'ible to do this so decided to try it myself and write one along the way, and so here we are.

As always Duck tape was the first material that came to mind, its waterproof, hard wearing, self adhesive (obviously) and can easily be made to look like "leather" scales.

I decided to make this into a removable sleeve rather than sticking the scales straight to the bottle for a few reasons:
  • Makes the bottle easier to clean without the sleeve.
  • Can be easily re-used or moved onto another bottle of the same shape.
  • Can be removed when chilling to allow for quicker cooling.
If you would rather not make it removable you can skip Step 1.

Whilst I've not tested it, I think the sleeve could act as an insulator to keep the contents cool after chilling and should act as a protective coat against small knocks.

I had read "Bouquet of Duck Tape Roses" by poptart7 some time ago and my 'ible uses the same technique to make the scales as they do to make the petals, so you may want to check that out too for another description of the technique, plus it is a good 'ible and well for a look on its own merits.

I hope you enjoy this Instructable and will both forgive and let me know of any spelling or grammar errors you see, also let me know if anything isn't clear.


As I mentioned at the end of Step 5, I was not 100% happy with final look of the cap, I felt it was lacking and looked unfinished, I have now added an embellishment  which I feel goes someway to improving the final look.

I have added an Alternate Method to the end of step 5 to show you what I did.

You can see the new version in the in the photos here and more in the final step. Please let me know what you think about the new cap in the comments.
I may be too young to drink, but I would love to make this for arm bracers lol nice instructable
SparkySolar6 months ago

how is it removable?

clintonmc (author)  SparkySolar6 months ago

The layer of tape that touches the bottle has the sticky side facing out, with the scales attached to that, so nothing actually sticks to the bottle and it can be slipped up and off.

I was so excited, about the design.
It got missed
SparkySolar6 months ago


gio.delisi10 months ago

I made Thor sleeves doing this and it came out perfect.

BikeHacker1 year ago

I did basically the same thing, but I made a Kindle case instead.

kingle case bottom.jpg
you can get lots of different colored duct tape (cheap) from ebay.
drkokjohn1 year ago
A friends of mine linked me to this project and I just had to do it! It's one of the coolest things I've seen and it was so easy to make too! Thanks for having such detailed instructions, it really helped. :)
clintonmc (author)  drkokjohn1 year ago
Glad you found it useful drkokjohn, thank you for your very kind comments, would love to see what you made using the 'ible.
Thank you so much for this instructable!! Im always looking for new way to make any sort of armour. I made some scale gauntlets, (just finished the first one.) i attached a pic. Fits like a glove. Hope to hear what you think!
photo-2013-12-28 3:48 PM.jpg
clintonmc (author)  stingray3061 year ago
These look fantastic Stingray! What tape did you use? It really adds to the effect. I think you should right an Instructable on how to make them, I'm sure many people would be interested to see it. Thank you for posting the picture it's good to see such a great use of the ible.
Partybot1 year ago
I used your design to help build the hands on my dragon costume. I gave you credit and linked to your page. Thanks for the idea.
10-03-13-19.13.48 (crop).jpg20130814_231017.jpg
clintonmc (author)  Partybot1 year ago
Great Idea and thanks for posting the photo it's always great to see how people use my ibles. Thanks for the credit too.
DaggerTA1 year ago
So cool
weirdkat2 years ago
Beautiful and a stroke of genius, can't wait to try it out
clintonmc (author)  weirdkat2 years ago
Thanks weirdkat for the very kind comment, I'm glad you liked it and would love to see a picture, should you make one.
Osteophyte2 years ago
Great idea! For the top/cap a good idea might simply be to buy/make a flame shaped glass topper. That way the fire of the ginger/vodka combination melds with dragon fire. At least that's how I would see it. Great idea again, and thanks.
clintonmc (author)  Osteophyte2 years ago
Thanks for the kind comments Osteophyte, I think your idea of a flame topper is a great and hadn't occurred to me, I will be looking into doing just that, thanks again.
Smalfrii2 years ago
Love the idea! It's really neat looking and fairly simple :) in step 4 I believe you meant to type monotonous, if not, I suppose it's time to crack open my dictionary! Other than that, really cool instructable :)
clintonmc (author)  Smalfrii2 years ago
Thanks Smalfrii, glad you liked it, and thanks for letting me know about the spelling error, I have fixed it now.
No problem. I had never thought of using duck tape like this, so this I'd something ill definitely be doing :)
danes782 years ago
This is really cool and creative! Very descriptive steps too. Well done!
clintonmc (author)  danes782 years ago
Thank you, glad you liked it.
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
This is rad!
I'm having an idea explosion and thinking how cool this would look as a shirt.
Great idea thanks for sharing!
clintonmc (author)  Pat_Maroney2 years ago
Thanks, a shirt like this would look like pretty hardcore mail, should you ever produce one it would be great to see, just dont drive yourself mad making thousands of scales.
You have spelt roll wrong in your materials section, but apart from that this is a very good instructible! Might try this on a can of pop.
clintonmc (author)  WillERoberts2 years ago
Thanks, I was thinking about using a can too, as a form to make a small pouch. I've fix those spelling errors too, homonyms are my kryptonite.
That's a very attractive piece of work, I'm going to have a go at one myself. (PS, since you're actually asking, you've mis-spelled grammar, but this in no way detracts from it being a jolly good Instructable)
Thank you for the kind comments and letting me know of my spelling error, I've now corrected it, as well a few more I spotted. It would be great to see a pic if you do make one.
ianmi2 years ago
Or Knight's condom
clintonmc (author)  ianmi2 years ago
Haha, that could be an issue as every scale is effectively a barb.