Hockey fans are fierce and loyal creatures. The next best thing to wearing your favorite hockey "sweater" is to have it hanging on the wall for everyone to admire!

I wanted a way to enjoy my favorite team colors and crest even when my team wasn't playing. This desire inspired me to create a removable hockey jersey wall mount. Built from a broken hockey stick, epoxy and drywall anchors; this design enables any hockey fan to proudly hang their jersey (arms spread) during the day, easily take it down and wear it to the game at night.

Step 1: Procure a Broken Hockey Stick

The first order of business was to obtain a broken or retired hockey stick made out of wood or composite. An aluminum stick would need a special bonding agent to adhere to the metal. There was no sense in using a functional stick for this project because it had two spacers glued to it, rendering it difficult and downright dangerous to play with.

The stick I used was broken just above the blade so I used a clear drying two-part epoxy to mend the break because I wanted my hockey stick to appear as though it wasn't broken.
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