This skirt can be worn two totally different ways - either a straight, fitted style or just attach one piece and you have a fun peplum skirt! If I had more time, I would have made another attachment with a bunch of ruffles! But for now, I love being able to take a beautiful fitted skirt, which can be worn to work or on the go and transforming it so simply by attaching the peplum!

Background: The skirt I created was made from scratch - meaning, I didn't have a store-bought pattern. It was my first time making my own pattern and if interested, you could do the same thing (I explain EXACTLY how to do it in Step 2). It wasn't difficult, but took some time and adjustments. Once done, you have your own pattern to use to create more skirts in the future. If you're not interested in making such a custom-fit skirt, you could always use a pattern from the store or use a straight skirt you already have. The skirt took the majority of the time. The peplum attachment did not take long and is very simple to make. If you just want to make some of them to attach to skirts you already have, feel free to skip to that step of this instructable! I took my time making the skirt as I wanted it to be really high-quality and fully lined on the inside. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

If you have any questions on any step of this instructable, please ask me in the comments section! I am happy to help!

Photo credits go to my 7-yr-old son Josh - thanks for taking the pics. I hope I don't look angry in the main picture as I was kind of squinting from the sun! :) And, we had a few lighting issues so if colors look a little different, that is why!

Step 1: Requirements for Removable Peplum Skirt

  • 2 yards of fabric (varies - depends if you're using a pattern for the straight skirt & what that pattern calls for)
  • Lining fabric - 1 yard should be enough
  • Zipper
  • Hook & Eye closures
  • Fusible Interfacing
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Newspaper or wrapping paper
  • Measuring Tape
  • Patience!
<p>love this tutorial so to speak. you make it really look effortless. thanks</p>
<p>hi Holly , you should get well soon. my first time in this group and its truely instructive. your lessons are so explicit that one can do anything if ready.</p>
i will be trying it for sure .i have almost understood every thing ,but if there is a problem, i'll sure ask you about it ... <br> thanks for this tutorial sweetie :))
Beautiful job! :-)
Thank you Mario
Im a single dad,I bought a sewing machine 3 years ago and it still sits in the unopened box,I was going to try to make curtains but chickened out,I bought them already made.So expencive.I love your pic,you have the perfect mix of strong will and femeninity ,but your eyes look a little sad,I hope all is well with you,I will show this to my daughter maybe she will like to try it,as a man's point of view I think it's so cool! Thank you,all the best to you,Dave.
Dave - how old is your daughter? If she is interested in trying to sew and make things - definitely get the sewing machine out! I just posted another instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sew-a-Circle-Skirt-in-30-Mins/ on making a simple skirt - it is a good thing to start with. It doesn't take much material &amp; is pretty simple - but you'd have to help her with it I'm sure. My son has also learned to use my machine and has made some really cool Angry Birds bean bags from felt. I trust him using it - he seems to get better every time he makes something. :) And, thank you for the compliment on the picture. It was taken in the front yard...a very nice setting by the garden. :) I didn't really like the look I had on my face! But the rest of the picture I loved...so I had to post it! I was actually kind of in a big hurry as the neighbor kid ran outside and we had to make the little photo shoot quick as he'd want to play. The main picture was the very first pic Josh took - so he did a really great job! so..thank you!
Wow,I just read the part where you said your 7 year old son took the pics???? Nice picture taking! You got one smart boy! I also love taking pics,I think of them as &quot;Time freezing&quot; GOOD JOB JOSH!!!
Thank you - I will tell him that! I plan on giving him the instructables prize pack and shirt, etc. as he did such a good job!
Congratulations! Have fun with the machine and show us more wonderful projects :-)
Thank you Shazni - I appreciate it! :)
Congratulations on winning the Fashion contest! <br>This is an awesome instructable and you have so much talent! =)
Thank you so much Deandra! First time winning anything ..really happy! And you are very talented and creative too!
Thank you Emily!
your welcome :)
It's beautiful! What type of fabric did you use? <br />
The woman is beautifull, the dress looks great but, those shoes do not go with that outfit.
Thanks for the honesty on the shoes! LOL They're actually pretty cute little boots with ruffles on them but you can't see it in the pics...I just needed something and they were the only non-sandals I had around!:)
I am sure if you are like my wife you have a pair of shoes for every outfit. (nothing wrong with that). Good job on the Instructable. The skirt does look very nice.
Very nice job. I've been sewing for a long time and have yet to take the next step to making my own patterns. The math stops me. I never manage to make any sewing project correctly the first time and end up taking it apart and sewing it correctly. I tend to make muslins as that is where I learn from my mistakes. <br /> <br />I really like the removeable preplum, but I'm at a loss as to understand how you came up with the curves in the waistband. Did you take the length of the preplum material and divide it by some magic number to get even measurments to place the ruffles? I've read the section a few times and looked at the photos, but I don't understand how you got even ruffles. Hopefully you can clarify that for me as I really like your idea.
Holly - Just wanted to post one more thing - I mentioned I'll post a pattern today but I may need to hold off for a cpl days - but I will be posting one ok! :)
Hi Holly. Thanks for the comment. Prior to this, I had not made my own pattern either. I read about how to take measurements for making a custom fit skirt, and it seemed to work well. About the Peplum, there is a way to properly measure and cut the right amount out, in step 6. <br /> <br />But, I think I understand what you are asking - how to figure out how to place the ruffles and how big, etc. I wish I had a really clear cut answer - but I did it this way: I put the straight skirt on - and the big peplum circle I cut out on (over the straight skirt). I then moved things around to see how it would look by placing ruffles in certain areas vs other areas. At that time, i did not cut that peplum in half. I had the big loop on and around the straight skirt - and just made two ruffles in the front with my hands and pinned them in place. I thought it looked cool with those ruffles forming an arch of sorts, coming up higher in the front. So I pinned them there. I then just eyed it - and moved things around from there to create ruffles in certain areas. It's kind of hard to describe. If you want, I could transfer that to a pattern and upload it as a pdf file. I would like to do that anyway as I would like to make more and it would be easier with a pattern. I hope it will help - I will do this later today when I'm home again!
Wonderful work!!..
Thank you so much Bill!
In Sri Lanka it's kind of the national dress only the skirt is longer. Little girls where it in 'lama sari' adult females where it in the 'Osari' (the made up sari variation) <br />
Wow Shazni - how beautiful - thank you for sharing the pictures. I had no idea! :)
Beautiful woman!
Very nicely done, and it looks great! I particularly love seeing how you made your own pattern - something I find more than a bit intimidating.
Thank you! It's not as bad as it sounds. It's especially nice too because once you have the right fit/right pattern - you can use it again and again.
Hello Holly, Great looking skirt and fabulous idea. <br /> <br />Maybe it's the guy in me but, when I first read the title I thought &quot;Woah, aren't all skirts removable?&quot;
Lol!!! Good point! They are all removable! :) thank you for the comment and compliment!
Thank you everyone for the votes!!! :)
Hello Holly, <br />Wow you are diversally talented. <br />From a guy's perspective the skirt is a looker. <br />You would get noticed. <br />I am still in awe about your story and how you have been the best mom and roll model for Josh. I do miss your Honest Holly posts with advice, put I understand priorities change. I hope you find a permanent solution to your health issues. <br />You are special and we all need you! <br />Good luck with the contest. <br />Always look forward to hearing about your latest interest. <br />Best regards <br />Dale O <br />
Hi Dale~Thank you for such a nice, thoughtful comment. I also miss posting on my old business blog. I was just talking about that with my sister yesterday - and how much I miss it. I really loved the interactions and getting to know everyone. I'm going to make a DIY blog ...and maybe I can get back into posting on my other one..with a slight slant away from internet marketing - broaden the topics a little. ;) And I'm working on getting the health issues sorted...just seems to be a long battle...I'm hoping things get better! Thank you so much Dale...:) It's great hearing from you!!!
Awesome, Holly! Hope you win! And sorry to hear you've still been sick... Hope to see and hear more from you soon!
Thank you so much Dustin :))) I will be back in our group again shortly...just needed a break..was sick for a while...but getting better. It's so good to hear from you and thanks for voting!
Beautiful Holly... as always though...you've got a LOT of great talents, so comes <br />as no real surprise fashion and sewing is yet another one. <br /> <br />You look stunning in the picture as well Miss..very pretty:-) <br /> <br />Of course you've got my vote! <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Thank you so much Davin - and thanks for the vote! :) I miss chatting with you. I've been offline more than usual lately - been a bit sick. But the sewing and stuff is my favorite escape! :) So thank you Dav for the kind words :)
Thank you :)
Wow! Beautifull! <br>Also, the skirt looks nice with the top. Nice work Holly!
Thanks so much Pitstop! :))
very beautiful!
Nize!!! Really Awesomely Nize :-)
Thank you! :)
Gorgeous! And also the skirt is very nice!
;) thanks!
Absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks Jessy!

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