Picture of Removable Turn Signal Light
My goal was to add some type of blinker style, turn signal lights to my bike. The lights had to be removable and composed of bits & pieces from spare parts laying around the house. I'm hoping this servers more as inspiration than a step-by-step how to, your scrap pile of recycled glory may be different from mine.

Parts I used include:

Three (3) red blinky lights
You're going to need three independently controlled lights, one for each side and one for center. The center light is important. The left and right lights are much closer together than on a car and telling one direction from another without a center reference is no easy.

Two (2) toggle switches

A six (6) foot USB extension cable

Some scrap wire, zip ties, and other tidbits 

Step 1: Lights

Picture of Lights
The lights you choose should be as simple as possible. Some bike lights can get rather complex with their multiple flasher functions and dozens of LEDs. The lights I found have three LEDs and a solid-strobe-off function button. The center light I'm using if the safety light already on my bike, the two others were cheap clip-on running lights. 

We'll be leaving the center light alone for now. We want on/off control of each side light via the toggle switch we will be attaching shortly.
With the light on, open it up and poke around a bit until you find two contacts that turn the light off, there may be a pair for each LED or one pair that extinguishes them all, To  each of  these points attach a length of scrap wire and test. With the light turned on, you should be able to touch the wires together to turn it on and off.
Do this with both side lights and run the wires out a small hole in the lights casing.
buck22172 months ago
Grest idea - makes me want to run cyclists over a bit less :-)
gotokoz8 months ago

awsome and smart

adrian091 year ago

hello, where can I get the clip on running lights?

lhsk8r2 years ago
Good master
jzapata32 years ago
Awesome stuff!! Keep it up!
Excellent first post! Well executed too! Do you have video of the lights in action?

Yay! -Audrey
Gezus (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Thank you!... no video currently, I may do an update as I've obligated myself to make a few more of these for family
rimar20002 years ago
Very good work, congratulations.
Gezus (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Gracias, and thank you for my first patch as well!