I wanted lightweight wheels for my backpack/travelpack as I was going to be spending a lot of time on train stations.
Nothing seemed to meet my idea of something easy to stow as well as being easy to install and remove.

These wheels are easy to make, and can be quickly added or removed when required. The eyelet bolts are permanently fixed but are small enough not to get caught up when not in use.

Step 1: Materials Part1

Begin with a pair of small wheels (these are 75mm in diameter and have bearings), light weight rod 200mm wider than base of backpack for the axle (I used donated stainless steel rod from a lighting shop - check the wheels will fit), a packet of small R Clips, and a small length of tubing to use as a spacer on the axle.
You will also need Eyebolts - see step 4
Thank you sounds like what I need for flights on Spirit thanks
Thanks for putting this out there...you've saved me so much time! :)
<p>My pleasure. Do be prepared for the r-clips to get knocked out from time to time (see earlier response below). I keep spare r-clips - I've not come up with a solution other than some tape. It's really only a problem if you're using it on uneven footpaths - airports are generally fine.</p>
<p>This is the hack I've been looking for! Would an Inline Skate Wheel work too? The wheel I am looking at is 75mm in diameter, 25mm thick and has a bearing with a 6.1mm diameter opening. Thanks.</p>
Hi, Inline skate wheels would work well and look much more elegant :) It really depends on the axle you're using. Find an axle that the wheel will spin on and go from there. Sounds like your bearing will suit a 6mm rod. Also, make sure to position the axle so that the bag clears the ground. And beware - the method I've used to keep the wheel on the axle can be problematic. Sometimes if I bump the R-clip on something it can come off, so I keep spare R-clips on hand. I've temporarily solved it by using tape over the end - not very elegant but works. If you come up with anything better please let me know. Glad you like it.
This is a great hack! Thanks for the share.

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