Picture of Remove Clip Art Background with Pixlr
You do not have to buy expensive photo editing software. You can use Pixlr to remove background from your images.

Step 1: Yippee for Pixlr!

Picture of Yippee for Pixlr!
I was introduced to Pixlr through Instructables. Instructables ran a contest which had a Pixlr option. I am quite familiar with Photoshop and somewhat familiar with many other photo editing programs.

First go to http://www.pixlr.com

I get a lot of my clip art for FREE from Graphicsfairy She has accumulated so many graphics over the years and they're all FREE! But most have a white background to them (what do you want for free?).

Worry no more - you do not need Photoshop to get rid of that white - use Pixlr. So download some clip art and let's go!

Once you're on Pixlr's home page, choose Open Image From Computer and grab your image. 

thanks a tonne!!! <3

NikkiP11 year ago

I am able to follow all the steps and save as PNG but when I go to view, import or create a contour line around the image the white background still appears. Any suggestions? I attached a random picture saved as a png after going through the steps.

Arlera221 year ago

Nice....I like it I love it

thegeeke2 years ago
Interesting. You can do this through GIMP, and powerpoint has some neat background removing options if you plan to us it in a ppt (or pptx these days), but still... interesting.
Carol at Natures Sol (author)  thegeeke2 years ago
Oh, wow, you are WAY more savvy in computer than I am. I know PowerPoint has a lot of graphic options which are "neat." These instructions would be for someone creating jewelry with the image (which you would not want a white background on) or mod-podging images on jewelry boxes, book covers, etc. Sometimes you can print on decal material and then place the image on a book cover, etc. and make some interesting displays.

I feel great that my presentation is interesting to a "geek." Thank you for your compliment. I hope to do some presentations using images for various crafts/projects so keep in touch.
To be honest, I wasn't even aware of Pixlr until I saw this. I wasn't exactly sure who it was geared towards... I tend to use background removal more in powerpoint or videos, which is why I mentioned that powerpoint offers those features. (In fact, there are two different ways of doing it in powerpoint... I normally just prefer "Keying" out the color, but there is another way too.) :)

Anyway... very nice instructable. Keep up the good work. :)
sunshiine2 years ago
Thanks for sharing! I need to learn this program.
Cool! Thanks for the tips, I always have such a hard time getting ride of backgrounds :)