Remove LED From Arduino Board!





Introduction: Remove LED From Arduino Board!

       Remove that pesky pin 13 LED from your arduino board once and for all!
And in less than five minutes! talk about a quick fix.

        "Why Remove the LED?" you ask? Simple! It draws current from pin 13. so If I try to drive an external LED, like an LED matrix or a seven-segment display, the LED being driven by pin 13 won't be as bright as it's neighbors. this is an infuriating problem.
       "Can't I just disable the LED?" No, sadly, you cannot. if you look at
the LED section of the Arduino PCB board schematic,
you can see that it is hard wired into the circuit with no on/off switch.

       So, without further adieu, We shall pry at the open-source hardware that is Arduino.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • soldering iron
  • tweezers
  • helping hands tool (this is very helpful indeed)
  • Arduino Board of your choice
The parts are shown and tagged below:

Step 2: Heat, Lift, Repeat

       We will now apply the soldering iron to one side of the LED, while making sure that the side we picked is one with solder on it. Once the solder is heated to a liquid, we will grip the LED with the tweezers and pull up gently. Now repeat the process but this time heat up the solder on the other side of the LED. Heating and lifting the LED on alternating sides a few times should give the desired results of an LED-free pin13!
       It is important to lift up on the LED while heating the solder. If not done simultaneously, you are dure to get nowhere fast.

Before using the soldering iron, I urge you to be safe! use safety glasses and protective gear!
 that being said, I take no responsibility for any damage you cause to yourself,  the arduino board, or otherwise.

Here are two illustrations of me heating the solder and lifting up on the LED.

Step 3: LED Gone, Project Complete!

       Congrats! you've successfully moded your Arduino Board!

       "Now What should I do with the LED?" you ask? well, lets see... You could put it under your pillow in hopes that the semiconductor fairy brings you a reel of diodes, or you can throw it in the TRASH like I did!     =D

Good luck to your electronic endeavors!


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    Why dont you try this code to turn of that LED?

    void setup() {

    // initialize digital pin LED_BUILTIN as an output.



    // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

    void loop() {

    digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW); // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW


    Mine led just burned. I shorted the cable with the led by mistake. But why would you get rid of it? It's quite use full.

    Well, that's a faster way to get rid of the led.

    Oh sorry I just read that it limits the current , sorry! :)

    you may not realize that there is also a resistor on pin 13 along with the LED and that is what limits the output

    I think that the resistor limits the current though the LED itself - with the LED removed the resistor is open-circuit and doesn't interfere with the use of pin 13

    i checked the official Arduino Uno Schematic and the resistor you are referring to must be inside one of the integrated circuits because I don't see it the schematic.
    lol, I'm sorry If I sound standoff-ish. I am trying as hard as I can not to be!

    i dont argue i like the led on pin 13 it elemenates
    trouble of buy ing a single led i conecte pin 13 to an digital output
    and it works by the way