Remove Moss from Cement Without Chemicals or a Pressure Washer

Picture of Remove Moss from Cement Without Chemicals or a Pressure Washer
My yard has lots of trees overhanging the sidewalk. All the shade makes the section of cement in front of my house a prime area for moss to grow. There are lots of ways to remove moss but a lot of them involve using chemicals or a pressure washer, both of which I don't have access to.

If you have any questions just leave a comment below.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

wire brush
flat shovel
gardening knife, NOTE: Use something else if you dont want it to get dull.


water, (A hose if convenient.)

NOTE: Keep in mind that everything besides the wire brush can be substituted out for something similar.

Step 2: Start Cleaning

Picture of Start Cleaning
Start by getting rid of the thicker stuff, this is by virtue the easiest part to get rid of. Use the shovel to get rid of most of it (this will be loud) and use the knife to get rid of some of the tougher and thinner stuff. If this is hard try getting some water and pour it on the moss, this should help loosen it up. 

Step 3: Deeper Cleaning

Picture of Deeper Cleaning
Now once you've gotten rid of the big stuff use the wire brush to go over the part you just cleaned and the parts that are thinner. After one or two passes you should see the moss disappear and see the dirt under it, keep brushing until you dont see dirt anymore (Once your done there will be some dirt on it but it shouldn't be stuck on to the cement).

Step 4: Finishing up

Picture of Finishing up
Now take the broom and sweep away all the exes dirt on the cement, and your done. If you want the cement to look a little nicer than you can use water to wash some of the dirt away that you couldn't sweep away.
fishph051 year ago
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bruc33ef4 years ago
Why do you want to get rid of moss? It's beneficial for many reasons, including low maintenance and cost, beauty, and comfort. It also grows in the shade where grass won't grow. There are nurseries that specialize in it, and the NY Times has written some interesting articles about moss for home owners.

Here's something from the Moss Acres site, which might be of interest:

"The color green has been proven to reduce stress, and there are few, if any, shades more vibrant and revitalizing than those found in cool, lush moss. For centuries the Japanese have known what we are finally realizing - gardening with moss adds an amazing degree of serenity and timeless beauty to any garden. Moss is utilized in rock garden design, in conjunction with water gardens, ponds, or ferns, or simply in that shady spot where grass won't grow. Growing moss has fast become an increasingly desirable and low-maintenance alternative to grass lawns and conventional shade gardening plans."
1.  It is an unsightly green or black when concrete is supposed to be white
2.  It lets others know that you don't do routine maintenance
3.  It can become slippery and be a falling hazard
1. Unsightly compared to concrete? Hmmm. Yup, I guess if God intended concrete to have moss, S/he would've invented it that way.
2. Ignorant "others," perhaps. Really that concerned what Miss Busybody thinks?
3. Actually, there are many types of moss. Some can be slippery but not all. Then again, if you allow water to pool on concrete then you have a drainage problem.