Introduction: Remove Permanent Marks Using ToothPaste!!!! on Any Surface

Remove any marks, stains from permanent marker, pens, pencils, color pencils, crayons by only using toothpaste, works on any surface!!!! for more cool vids visit


Saint (author)2008-04-15

So basically you're using toothpaste as an abrasive? Or does it contain some alcohol? If not, that would be a better solution, at least for the part that wasn't absorbed by the surface. Most of the times just plain rubbing alcohol takes care of permanent markers.

Father Christmas (author)Saint2008-11-07

might have something to do with the hydrogen peroxide in it(if it was a whitening toothpaste)

micro buffers, toothpaste has baking soda in it...that little gritty texture works to buff the surface clean

deejaysonic (author)Saint2008-04-15

i just used a toothpaste....tatz all......nothin else bro....

edisonofthefuture (author)2011-09-19

expo or dry erase markers work well also! Quarter endura-glide dry erase with chisel tip are the best.

_viy_ (author)2010-01-20

C2H5OH much better :)

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-04-15

Nice, looks effective

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